How Many Spark Plugs in a V6? [Answered]

Published: 09/14/22 •  5 min read

How Many Spark Plugs in a V6? A Short Answer

The number of spark plugs in a V6 engine actually varies depending on the model of the car. The majority of vehicles equipped with V6 engines come with six spark plugs

The correct answer to this question is: it all depends.

The engine is among the essential components of a vehicle. In order to function, each car model has spark plugs that start the combustion process. The energy then goes to the engine, which helps the vehicle operate.

The spark plugs in a V6 engine will depend on the model and the make of the vehicle. Vehicles have engines with twin sparks or dual-ignition technology. For the majority of vehicles that have a V6 engine, there are just six spark plugs (in the event that the vehicle does not have twin-spark engines).

Most of the time, it is equipped with six spark plugs that are one per six cylinders. However, for those who use twin-spark technology, each cylinder comes with two spark plugs, thereby with 12 spark plugs in all. You can count the spark plugs manually after getting into the engine bay or ask for help from a mechanic who will assist you in replacing spark plugs.

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What is a V6 Engine?

Based on the name, the V6 engine is one with six cylinders. Of the various kinds of available engines, the V6 is thought to be among the ones that offer the most compact models. It is a hushed engine with a large range from 2.9 l to 4.3 l. This engine is also popular since it is less expensive and has more efficient fuel usage than the V8 engine.

Twin Spark Engine Vs. Regular Engine

There is no definitive solution to determine which one is superior Among the two. Each comes with its own benefits. For instance, twin-spark engines can give a cleaner burning and less consumption of fuel, along with more comfort.

However, twin spark engines are an intricate design compared with regular engines, so repairs and replacements can be more expensive. The fact that there are two plugs can result in the need for two maintenance items. This means that both cost and maintenance are expected with two spark engines.

How Do You Check Spark Plugs in the v6 Engine?

If you wonder what number of spark plugs are there in the V6 vehicle, there are several methods to find out. There must be at least one spark plug for each engine as a general guideline. This ensures an adequate ignition of the fuel mixture and air, resulting in an engine that operates efficiently. However, automobile engines with high performance require more than one spark plug.

A physical inspection could verify the number of spark plugs inside the vehicle. Go to the engine, examine the spark plugs you see and count them. This can be accomplished by counting the wires connected to the engine. They are usually located on top inside the covering or its sides. They are generally black, red, or blue. 

If you can see at least 6 or 12 wires, this means you have got either 6 or 12 spark plugs. You can also consult the manufacturer manual to determine the correct number of spark plugs connected.

How Many Spark Plugs Are There in V6?

Vehicle ModelNumber of Spark Plugs
Mustang6 Spark Plugs
Honda Accord6 Spark Plugs
Toyota Tacoma6 Spark Plugs
Ford Explorer 6 Spark Plugs
Dodge Charger6 Spark Plugs
Chrysler 3006 Spark Plugs
Mercedes Benz M Class12 Spark Plugs

The v6 requires six spark plugs or one plug for each cylinder. The automobile brand models have a different number of spark plugs. The models that use 12 spark plugs are likely to be premium cars that require using a substantial amount of fuel, like Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo Grand Prix, and so on.

Tips For Counting The Spark Plugs

Each engine should have the correct spark plug’s identification number. If the plug is in excess or small, the vehicle will be sluggish while moving. This is why you should figure out the precise number of spark plugs your vehicle is equipped with. Here are a few tips for identifying the number of spark plugs in the vehicles:

Number of Conductors

The leads connected to spark plugs enable them to function. So, you can quickly identify the amount by taking note of how many cables are within. These systems are situated within the main engine. So lift the hood and check.

Make sure to turn off the car engine to ensure your safety. Once you have parked the car, lift the lid to examine. The leads are located on the motor and are easily visible. The quantity of the spark plugs is proportional to the number of cables. If the conductor has six, there will be 6 spark plugs in your vehicle.

However, if the number of leads is higher than 6, the total spark plugs that your vehicle is using is 12. Each cylinder requires two spark plugs to start the ignition. This is known as a twin spark engine.

Number of the Coil pack

Specific engine motors don’t use wires. Instead, they use coil packs. The loops will be connected directly to spark plugs. Thus you can determine the number of coil packs in order to identify how ignition works.

Like counting wires, each coil pack is an ignition plug. The structure of this piece differs in comparison to the wiring harness. The coil is located on the spark plug, and it won’t be easy to pass the test.


Every car model has various spark plugs. This is why you must pay attention to this component so that your car will run effectively. If the number of the spark plug is greater or less than the stated number, the vehicle may experience difficulties with power transmission.

I hope this article has given you more details on the V6 engine as well as the number of spark plugs it employs. Happy driving!