Is Ceramic Coating Worth It? [Explained]

Published: 09/14/22 •  7 min read

All car lovers spend hours cleaning their car, washing it, scrubbing it, and ensuring that there are no water spots or debris. But then you leave directly into a puddle and potentially cause damage to the wheels’ surface due to dirt and debris.

You can easily block this by using the ceramic coating.

But, you might be confused about various issues, including whether they are superior to other popular coatings like polishing and if the cost is worth it? There is much conflicting information regarding ceramic coatings, and as a result, you might find it difficult to determine their reliability.

But don’t you worry. After reading this article, you will be able to discern the ceramic coating and whether you should put it on your vehicle.

What is a Ceramic Coating?


It is a chemical solution with inherent characteristics that allow it to resist external attacks on your car’s exterior paint. 

The coating’s chemical constituents create a layer on the surface of the initial coating and protect it from scratches or swirls. The coating is a hydrophobic coating on the surface of your car. This way, you will increase the longevity of the paint on your vehicle throughout the rainy and summer seasons.

How To Apply it?

Applying a ceramic coat to your vehicle is a long-lasting process, and it is essential to be patient throughout the procedure. There are several procedures to be followed prior to applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle.

A professional-grade ceramic coating will be the ideal option to apply most of the time. Make sure to choose a licensed professional for the job.

Your car first needs to undergo the necessary preparatory work, including thorough cleaning and stripping old wax and polishing. Following that, a trained expert will apply the ceramic coating to your vehicle, based on the vehicle you have as well as the service you selected. Then, your vehicle will require drying and the final washing.

You could also try DIY ceramic coatings, where you will need to complete everything yourself. We would not advise you to attempt this independently if you are not familiar with the process.

Watch: How to Apply Ceramic Coat?

Advantages of Ceramic Coat

Easy to Clean

The ceramic coating reduces the strain of cleaning your car in a significant way. Since it’s a hydrophobic layer, water-based dirt and beads do not sit on the coating and slide off.

Gleaming Appearance

Contrary to other coatings and finishes available in the market, the ceramic coating provides a shiny and timeless appearance to your car.

Good Protection to Car’s Surface

The airborne contaminants in the surroundings endanger the paint of the car. The hydrophobic layer made from ceramic coatings helps to remove any foreign particles that could cause harm to the car exteriors. It prevents the original coating from debris, dirt, accidental scratches, etc.

Saves Money, Lasts Longer

When we compare the ceramic coating to regular waxing, waxing longs about 3 months, whereas a high-quality ceramic coating can easily last for up to 5 years without any issues.

UV Ray Safety

When exposed to the sun’s heat, your car’s paint alters negatively. The ceramic coat on the car blocks the sun’s UV radiations and protects the integrity of the car’s original color. The coating also prevents the paint from fading or a dull appearance due to UV radiation.

Chemical Stain Prevention

Due to the growing air pollution, there are chemical stains present on your car due to nature’s acidic contaminants. It plays a significant part in preventing the formation of such staining on the car. They form a barrier to ensure that chemical stains don’t bond with the paint and avoid color loss.

How Long Does a Ceramic Coating Last?

When a ceramic coat is placed on the body of a car, the polymer creates a chemical bond with the car paint. Once applied to the car body, it can only be removed through scratching. No chemicals work on it. If correctly done, the ceramic coatings can last for the life of your car.

How Much Does It Cost to Ceramic Coat?

Many auto repair shops offer ceramic coating services. You may check their website for prices and services offered. Be ready to pay approximately 3500-4000 USD for the ceramic coating. You can find more about ceramic coating costs in this blog post I recently published.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth on Wheels?

The best method to keep your car looking like new is to take care of your car and make sure to protect it from scratches, rock chips, or swirls. Applying a ceramic coat to your car wheels can benefit you greatly. It is an additional protection that will make the wheels look new for many years to come. 

Your vehicle wheels bear the most significant burden of driving. They’re just inches from the ground, just inches away from the surface, and spinning at a thumping speed while you cruise. The tires suck up all the road tar, dust, trash, and other debris before being firmly hammered into the liner of wheel wells, as well as the wheels themselves. But, by far, the most dangerous risk to your wheels is the brakes. Getting ceramic coating when buying new wheels is an excellent investment, especially considering the value it brings.

Top Reasons to Ceramic Coat Your Wheels:

How Long Does Ceramic Coating on Wheels Last?

Ceramic coating your car or bike wheels is a worthwhile expense, especially when you consider the length of time it will last if maintained properly. If adequately kept in good condition, a ceramic coating will last as long as three years! Use a ceramic coating extender at least every 6 months to maintain its maximum life. Clean your vehicle frequently, or else you risk compromising the longevity of your ceramic coat.

Does Ceramic Coating Work on Motorcycles?

A ceramic coating on the paintwork, pipes, forks, chrome, and other motorcycle parts will shield them from dirt and damaging UV rays. It makes it simpler and easier to keep your motorcycle in good condition.

Closing Words

The use of a ceramic coating on your car is certainly worth the investment. With the many benefits and the timeless appearance, your car will get this as a trusted alternative.