Press Release: Merges With As Of September 15, 2022 was an online magazine for all things automotive headed by Roser Fedrick. On September 15, 2022 Wheelscribe’s site was merged into Roser F was the Editor-in-chief of Wheelscribe and now brings his expertise for as an ASE-certified mechanic.

The content from Wheelscribe has been archived here on this site.

What did Wheelscribe do?


Wheelscribe was an automobile blog that talked about how to care for your car to look and run its best. Wheelscribe’s expertise were topics related to everything car maintenance related. Topics that were lacking on Autosphile.

What does Autosphile do?

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Since 2020, Autosphile has grown from a dream project of two autophiles “Josh” and “Neyhal”. After owning more than 20 cars combined, Autosphile was created to serve as a “one-stop-shop” for everything related to automobiles. We provide in-depth reviews and guides of a wide variety of automobile products; notably tires, rims, and accessories.

The complimentary synergy between the two ventures resulted in a successful merger.

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