5 Best Ways to Make Your Car Louder

Published: 09/14/22 •  10 min read

Let us first understand the factors that affect the sound your car makes. The engine and exhaust system are two primary components influencing your car’s sound quality. Your car’s internal combustion engine is powered by controlled explosions. This makes it one of the main sources of noise.

Your engine’s noise level will depend on the number of cylinders, the layout of the cylinders, and the engine design. Each type of engine comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. A straight-six cylinder engine, for example, is naturally smooth because the cylinders and their arrangement balance themselves. The engine emits a low-pitched but smooth sound.

Modifying engine noise is usually complex and costly because most of it is due to the engine’s design. A turbocharger is one way to reduce engine noise. It makes a great spooling sound that makes petrolheads giggle whenever the boost kicks in. This isn’t an affordable option, so that we will concentrate on exhaust noise.

A V8 engine, on the other hand, is noisier and has less smoothness due to its design. Different crankshaft types allow V8 engines to be very different. A horizontal V8 engine like the ones found in most American muscle cars is smoother and produces that distinctive growly sound that V8s are known for. A flat-plane V8, like the Ferrari 458, alternates between banks of cylinder fire. This makes the engine sound more refined.

Loud cars can be visible and hard to ignore when they roar down the streets. They may be seen as irritating, or they might be viewed more positively. But which perspective is fair? This blog will examine why people make their cars louder and how it can be done. 

Impacts of Exhaust Noise 

After the engine has burned the fuel, the exhaust gases and the noise it makes will exit through the exhaust system. There are many parts to the exhaust system, such as the header, pipes, catalyst, and muffler. 

A muffler muffles your car’s exhaust sound. This is why it’s known as a muffler. The muffler dampens the sound using sound-canceling plates that create a chamber. It also bounces off the exhaust sound waves to dampen the sound. The exhaust noise will become much quieter when the exhaust gas reaches the tailpipe.

Before we move on, let us remind you of the laws regarding how loud your car can be. These state laws will vary from one state to the next. Some are more strict and allow you to fit loud exhausts. Some laws are extremely strict and limit your options for modifications. There is no national law. You will need to verify the laws in your own state.

New Yorkers can be ticketed if their car is audible from more than 150 feet. Kansas limits noise to 90 decibels, but only when it is 50 feet away. Kansas car owners may choose to have a slightly louder system as the noise fades at this distance. California, on the other hand, is slightly less strict. It allows vehicles to be as loud as 95 decibels if measured right next to it. 

Keep in mind, however, that not all cities enforce quiet rules prohibiting loud exhaust systems from being used between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. If this is true, you should avoid driving your loud car during these hours. The bottom line is that state law will vary. You will have to verify that. If an officer issues a ticket for loud exhaust, it may be possible to challenge the decision in court.

Reasons to Make Car Louder

Loud car noises can be irritating. However, if you are open-minded and willing to listen, you might be surprised at the reasons people make. There are many reasons why you might want your car to be louder. You might be trying to signal safety concerns by making your car louder. Who knows, you might even like the loud sound.

Regardless of your reason, you can use the following suggestions to make your car louder.

Making Your Car Louder

Finding a way to make your car sound louder can be overwhelming. You might be surprised to discover that there are many methods you can try. These are some suggestions to make your car louder:

Upgrade Your Engine 

The most critical reason your car is so quiet is that the engine is too small. You can improve the sound and power of your car by upgrading to a larger engine. Make sure the engine can be housed in other parts of your car.

Install a New Muffler 

Mufflers muffle the noise from the exhaust pipe. The engine’s sound would be too loud to hear without a muffler. A muffler is designed to control the engine’s out

put while increasing noise.

Replacing your muffler is one of the best ways to reduce car noise. Aftermarket mufflers can increase the noise level, as OEM mufflers are made to reduce noise. These aftermarket muffles are often louder than the OEM muffler and will have a distinct sound.

Add An Exhaust Tip

add exhaust tip to make car louder

Add an exhaust tip to your exhaust pipe to help you save money and maintain the integrity of the exhaust system. These tips, specially designed for exhaust pipes, reverse the effect of a muffler. This results in a powerful engine.

Use Larger Exhaust Pipes

Most of the engine’s noise is blown out by exhaust pipes. The exhaust pipes in your car will take the sound out of your muffler once it has passed your muffler. The sound will not be muted if you have larger exhaust pipes.

Use Welded Mounts 

Rubber hangers are used in most exhaust systems to reduce the sound being made. Metal amplifies sound, but rubber is better at sound dampening. You can increase the car’s sound quality by using welded mounts to the exhaust system.

Make Holes in the Exhaust 

The cheapest and most popular method to increase exhaust volume is drilling holes. These holes allow air (sound waves traveling through the exhaust) to escape from the exhaust before it reaches its destination. For emission reasons, you will need to drill some holes between the catalytic convert and the muffler. You will need to drill a few holes; then, you can test the sound.

Why Don’t the Car Get Louder?  

It can be frustrating if your car doesn’t respond to all your requests. You will need to manually fix the problem as some engines are slower than others. Don’t worry, though. In due course, you will be capable of increasing the volume.

Here are some reasons why your car might not be as loud as you would like:

Reason 1# Engine size is too small. 

Many compact cars come with small engines. A small engine produces a low noise level, even if you add a muffler or an exhaust tip. You can try other suggestions discussed above to see if they are more effective.

Reason 2# Exhaust is dirty. 

Some cars become quieter after years of usage, while others become louder. You will need to clear any buildup or clogs in the line before making any modifications. You will waste your time and money otherwise. 

Reason 3# Wrong exhaust tip 

Exhaust tips reduce sound while others make a high-pitched or low-pitched sound. Before you buy and install an exhaust tip, make sure you do proper research.

Reason 4# Modern technology has defeated your efforts. 

Since the average driver wants a smooth, quiet ride, most car manufacturers strive to make quiet cars. To improve your car’s sound quality, you will need to dig deep and repair the company’s anti-noise effect.

Common Mistakes to Avoid 

Sometimes it feels like you have done everything you can to make your car louder, but it doesn’t work. Modifying your muffler can cause serious problems if it is not maintained correctly. Bad mufflers can lead to bad odors, deafening noises, and decreased fuel efficiency. These are some mistakes people often make when modifying their cars to make them sound louder.

Conclusion: How to Make Any Car Louder?  

Yes! You can make any vehicle have at most a slight increase in sound production by following the tips discussed above. However, you might not see the same results with a commuter car as with a muscle car or truck.

A small engine is a problem when you want to increase the vehicle’s volume. Although you can change the exhaust pipes and add a tip to the end, as well as change the rubber hangers to welded mountings, it is possible not to hear a roar or growl. It will increase the noise.

Removing a muffler can be illegal in certain states. Always check with the local authorities before you do this modification. Some car owners will drill holes in the muffler if granted permission. This will allow some sound to escape before it reaches the exhaust pipe.

You can switch to an off road exhaust system if you live in a state or city that allows it. These exhaust systems are designed to conquer snow, dirt, mud, and sand. Because it is not designed to reduce noise to street-legal levels, the noise will be louder. If your state bans it, you may be violating the law.

If you want to make the car sound louder, trim the exhaust pipe a little. This will reduce the number of sound-dampening pipes the car manufacturer has installed. If you want to be safe, check the local laws and regulations.