Privacy Policy

Thank You for visiting, this privacy policy implies to this website and all of its contents. Below we have described how we take your information, store it safely and use it, etc.

“It is important to know that Autosphile does not sell or give your contact information to anyone. We understand the importance of your privacy just as we know ours.”

“Two types of information are collected via our website; one that you provide us with,e.g., submission of customer service or participating in a poll, second is the one that is geographic,e.g., collecting data via your IPs, mobiles, gadgets, etc.

Upon commenting on our website, you will be asked to leave with your email address and name. However, if you leave your information in our opt-in form, you will be sent a confirmation link, upon your confirmation the email address will be moved to our database where we can send you updates and information related to our products or website.

Personally, contact information, which may be of any sort, is used to contact the user about the recent updates and promotions to the website. This information is saved in our database very safely; the information may only be shared with our authorized customers who wish to make any potential transactions with other authorized customers. This information, however, is highly secured and stored in our website such that even the employees or third parties cannot gain access to it.

You can also opt out of all our updates and <add unsubscribe link in opt out> and delete all your information that is in our database.

The website also uses cookies to identify the date and time of your visit, how much time you spend on the website and the pages you look at etc.

Your IP addresses are also collected by our servers as a part of demographic profile (location) data also known as “traffic.”

Technical information about your gadgets like your browser, windows, a computer model or mobile device ID number is also taken as well as other information like connection speed, connection type, Operating system or operating form,e.g., Mac, Windows, etc.

If you are using a mobile phone then your exact location, if you have enabled it is also taken for accuracy, in case the location is turned off then automatic area location is taken. If you do not want any website to locate you then simply go to settings> locations> and turn your location off.

The URL of the last webpage you visited before you visited XYZ is also taken into account.

Information relating your search queries, your search results, what you search for, what you selected, pages viewed, duration spent on each page, etc. is all gathered in our servers to help improve accuracy.

The information that we collect is further used to contact the person in case of their queries, understand your likings, as mentioned contact you for updates and promotions and also show ads on our website that may be located near your area.

The data may also be disclosed in case if we feel like it is necessary, to respond to suspected illegal frauds, their investigations,etc., if the higher authorities come knocking down our door, we may disclose your data to them too.

We may disclose your nonpersonal data to third-party apps.

However to keep your data safe from the outside world and any third party foreign app as we have implemented our safety measures that are functioned to prevent unlawful access.

We keep the data in our serves as long as the purpose of our business is not fulfilled. However, we may anonymize the information if we intend to keep it for a longer time in our database.

As mentioned regarding services, you provide us with complete consent to gather your data when visiting our website.

This policy does not imply to users under 13 years of age. Information taken from 13 years old is usually unknowingly which is why we immediately delete it as we learn that the user was below 13.

Personally Identified Information:

Refers to such information that is used to identify and locate another person to whom it may concern but may not be limited to, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, financial profiles, social security number, and credit card information. We use this information to customize our site and make proper selling offerings. We can also contact visitors for responses to their inquiries. We may share this information with our authorized customers who desire to make potential transactions with other authorized customers. However, this information is highly secured, stored in Autosphile and even the employees or third parties can’t access it. Visitors may opt-out of receiving the information they don’t want by clicking here or may need to correct or update this information by contacting at

You can delete this information by contacting us but due to the updates that go on some residual information may be left.