Best Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado [+Buying Guide]

Published: 09/14/22 •  12 min read

Many car owners like you and me like to hear a sporty tone in our Chevrolet. It is often easy to obtain it; however, sometimes, you will get an unattractive tone. The simplest, inexpensive, and most efficient solution is to get the most efficient exhaust for the 5.3 Silverado. This exhaust will ensure that you will get a powerful but smooth sound.

The 5.3 exhausts provide an assertive, loud, and clear sound. They will give you a better and elite performance. This type of exhaust could reduce the pressure in eliminating the fumes and then increase the brakes’ power.

The Best Engine Exhaust Shopping guide

Here is a detailed shopping guide to help you search for the best engine exhaust system for your 5.3 Silverado


In general, any exhaust 5.3 for Silverado will give you a strong sound. This kind of exhaust has the main feature that you will be recognized wherever you go by the sound. However, make sure it provides a clear and distinct sound, not causing any disturbance to those in the vicinity.


There are many reasons why 5.3 exhausts are of high-end quality. It’s not just from the material they are made of. It would be best if you also consider compatibility with the engine you own. It is based on the fact that the motor is big or small. It is not feasible to purchase a low-quality exhaust for an extensive engine. 

Exhaust Manifold

This is the exact one that is known as the header. It is composed of cast or stainless steel so that it can stick to its engine head. This part creates connections between your engine’s exhaust and its system. This is where the hot air escaping from your engine will go through. It means your item must be highly resistant.

In order to be able to endure extreme temperatures, Autosphile recommends preferring cast or stainless steel. A majority of 5.3 products available for Silverado are made of stainless steel. 

Muffler Size 

If you are looking for a 5.3 exhaust, it’s because you want the sound. This is why you should concentrate on determining the muffler dimensions. Don’t buy one that is large, as the exhaust volume will be insufficient. The roaring noises aren’t emanating from huge silencers. Instead, they originate from smaller silencers.

Exhaust Tip 

To get the top 5.3 Silverado exhaust, you must focus on an exhaust tip that is not extended back bumper. We recommend not to purchase an exhaust tip that is quite long. Anything that is too long can compromise security.

Mandrel Bent 

Don’t look for bent exhaust options to better understand. Better look for a mandrel-bent escapement. They work well together with a Silverado 5.3 Exhaust. This feature helps you maintain the best airflow and ensure no hindrance to the airflow. It provides it stays flowing smoothly.


Autosphile recommends working hard once you have installed the exhaust. It will be helpful if you clean it at least every week. It is essential to purchasing a 5.3 exhaust that isn’t hard to scrub. Also, avoid exhausts that require daily cleaning. 

Installation Parts 

The essential thing is to have products that are easy to install. Check that the exhaust system provides you with every piece of software and the installation instructions. It is not the norm for them to include these, so to avoid any costs, seek out an escape kit with all the components needed to install it.


It is essential to look for a product guarantee of high quality. This will ensure that you do not suffer any problems in the future.

The Best Engine Exhaust for 5.3 Silverado

Here is a list of the top seven most efficient exhausts for the 5.3 Silverado that you can purchase. If you read the complete details, you will see that you can keep your eyes closed when looking at these items. It is possible to find their pros and cons to help you evaluate their value, and the performance and quality will leave you amazed.

  1. Flowmaster 817669 American Thunder 409S Cat-Back System
  2. Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust System
  3. Flowmaster 817492 Cat-back System 409S – Dual Rear/Side Exit
  4. MagnaFlow 15267 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System
  5. MagnaFlow 15269 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System
  6. BORLA 140546 Cat-Back Exhaust System
  7. MagnaFlow 15268 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

In detail, let’s now discuss all these engine exhaust systems for the 5.3 Silverado.

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Flowmaster 817669 American Thunder 409S Cat-Back System

Flowmaster 817669 American Thunder 409S Cat-Back System with Aggressive Sound

This American thunder 409S Cat-Back System by Flowmaster is stunning with a solid design. This exhaust is a great sound system, exactly like you thought it would sound. Its American Thunder gives you a vintage sound. So you will have a clean and clear sound. But, it won’t cause any offense to those around you.

This exhaust is made to be used on Silverado trucks. This concept will enthrall anyone looking for the most impressive sound. You will enjoy all the benefits of performance. It has an exhaust made of stainless steel, which provides greater endurance. Overall, it lets you bent tubing that you can mandrel. It is designed to supply you with equipment and the instructions to make a swift, smooth, accurate adjustment. It will come with clamps securely tightened and connected for maximum performance.

It is a legal bolted emissions system. It has the option of outlets for the tailpipe. You can place it behind the bumper. You can also place it on either side of the rear.

It is possible to install it in a short time. It could, however, take up to a few hours. It all depends on your ability. Using the Jack, you will need to disengage your tires off the floor. You will have all the necessary hardware and components to carry through the entire process.

The product comes with an unlimited guarantee. This will enable you with any future issues. Furthermore, the company offers outstanding customer support to answer any of your problems.

Flowmaster is concerned about its customers and is also concerned about the products they sell. It will deliver your product delivered to your doorstep entirely wrapped. In addition, because of its secure shipping method, you will not face any issues with any of your locations.

  • It is constructed solidly using stainless steel to prevent any damage.nAfter installation, you will have everything tightened to the highest degree.nIt offers a rich and clear sound.nIt provides a lifetime guarantee on the product.
  • Tweezers are typically constructed with poor quality.nInstallation may be complicated based on your level of experience.

Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817689 Outlaw Cat-Back Exhaust System

Flowmaster Inc. is a pioneer in the development and production of exhaust systems. They offer only high-performance exhaust kits for pick-up trucks, cars, and other vehicles. The company has more than 350 kits to choose from. One of these kits is model 817689. The kits promise to provide the best performance than other kits available.

Flowmaster exhaust systems are backed by the support of a dedicated R&D team. The team monitors the performance of every product to ensure it meets the requirements. Furthermore, it provides you with an absurd exhaust setup.

Flowmaster 817689 has a smoky sound. It also gives you the Flowmaster outlaw sound system. In addition, it features an engine built on stainless steel. This gives you to have a longer lifespan and excellent practical life.

It also comes with black ceramic tips. Furthermore, this exhaust provides you with a cat-back system that will ensure more durability. Along with making you appear stunning, the exhaust allows you to eliminate any gasses that you are burning.

This exhaust offers you an easy installation method. It is not essential to purchase any equipment to put it in place. It includes everything you will require for installation. The quality you will be receiving is unquestionable; the company is a guarantee in terms of the quality and price.

  • You will get a fantastic cold start and a fantastic sound.nThere is the option of straight tubes for the rear bumpers.nIt is possible to perform a simple and quick installation.
  • The warranty might not cover all issues.

Flowmaster 817492 Cat-back System 409S – Dual Rear/Side Exit

Flowmaster 817492 Cat-back System 409S - Dual RearSide Exit - Force II - Moderate Sound

Flowmaster 817482 Cat-back System has everything you require in exhausts. This model is the best choice for you because you will be able to select from a wide range of styles. It also comes with an exclusive Flowmaster muffler that works and perfectly matches the different tip styles.

This item also comes with two outlets at the rear and a side outlet. It is made of tubular stainless steel, which provides more outstanding durability. Additionally, it has mandrels of 16 gauge bent to improve the performance.

The exhaust sound you get is moderate. It will be loud enough that people will be able to hear you everywhere you go; however, it won’t disturb the people nearby. You will have a fantastic sound that everyone can know where you are. Because of the precisely tuned Dyno and the exhausts they offer, you can enjoy your vehicle’s most efficient and effective performance. The whole product weighs just 69.2 pounds. The manufacturer doesn’t stop selling it, and you’ll be able to get everything you need.

It also includes hangers and the software required to carry the installation. It is not necessary to take hours to install it. If you’re seeking a more powerful performance, you could combine these exhaust systems with air intake kits of the Flowmaster brand. It comes with a cat-back 409S system and is compatible with all cars.

  • Installation is easy. nThis exhaust will allow you to gain power immediately.nThe cost-quality ratio is impressive.
  • The clamps may fail if you use excessive force.

MagnaFlow 15267 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

MagnaFlow 15267 Cat-Back Performance best Exhaust Systems for 5.3 silverado

The model 15267 comes from the manufacturer MagnaFlow. MagnaFlow is dedicated to bringing you the most reliable and tested Dyno. The designer is from the United States, called MagnaFlow Exhaus products. They have a long-standing history with this project, and you will get the best quality. They are produced with high-quality materials and have a fantastic design and style for the Chevy Silverado model. It features the extended-cab version of V8 5.3L.

This Dyno allows you to create incredible energy. In addition, by using this exhaust, you will be able to improve the performance of your engine. Your car will soon sound like it does. The sound it gives you is gentle yet, at the same time, intense. This is a sound for those who wish to enjoy strong sound; however, not too loud.

The entire construction, including welding and materials, ensures that your product is top-performing. So, you do not spend cash on unnecessary products.

  • This exhaust system creates an even balance between sound levels.nTested products under SAEj11689 standards.nThey offer straight flow patterns that give you the best performance.
  • Chromium may cause some issues.

MagnaFlow 15269 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

MagnaFlow 15269 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System - best Exhaust Systems for 5.3 silverado

The MagnaFlow 15269 model has an engine designed specifically for Chevy Silverado. The design is based on the V8 5.3L. It features the Dyno design that gives you the power you require to travel wherever you’d like.

The model is gray, allowing you to quickly join it with your vehicle. Also, it has bent mandrel materials. This makes for a simple installation. It features an appearance that boosts performance in horsepower. Additionally, it provides excellent sound with smooth but powerful sound. It produces audio that everybody can hear as you walk by.

Additionally, it is pretty solid and long-lasting. The materials used are constructed to ensure that they are suited to your needs and, in addition, last for a long time. It weighs just 60 pounds, and you can easily lift it and move it effortlessly. The outside is made of stainless, and it is possible to be soaked in water, but it won’t be destroyed.

  • This exhaust offers excellent sound.nThe pieces will fit perfectly with Chevy Silverado.
  • It will take approximately four hours to install.

BORLA 140546 Cat-Back Exhaust System

BORLA 140546 Cat-Back Exhaust System -best Exhaust Systems for 5.3 silverado

BORLA 140546 Cat-Back Exhaust System is ideal to use with Silverado 5.3. It weighs 53.1 pounds and is compatible with a variety of automobile models. The sound produced by this exhaust may get louder over time, so it’s the best option for you if you need a loud sound.

It offers you an engineering balance that allows you to provide outstanding outdoor and indoor noise. It will be extremely loud yet not irritating. In addition, inside, you can comfortably talk to others, and the sound won’t cause any discomfort. It is easy to install without assistance; however, it may take time. 

  • You can speak in the car, and the sound won’t bother you in any way.nThe sound it gives you is exceptionally soft and powerful.
  • Based on your location in the area you live in, it can be a little in the background.

MagnaFlow 15268 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

MagnaFlow 15268 Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System - best exhaust systems for 5.3 silverado

MagnaFlow exhausts can be used with nearly all kinds of vehicles. MagnaFlow 15268 offers you audio with a smooth and deep sound that you will enjoy. However, before you purchase this exhaust system, make sure to check the compatibility with your car. It weighs just 60 pounds, meaning you will be able to carry it when installing it quickly. O.E.M. parts are identical to model 15268.

This 15268 exhaust offers high-quality sounds and can also deliver noticeable performance. They also provide a higher efficiency due to their durable materials. It can be installed very quickly, including a substance called bent madril.

  • It will provide you with a moderately loud sound but will not be a problem for those in the vicinity.nYou will not lose HP/TQ and MPG gains.nThe installation process is straightforward, and you don’t require any prior experience.n
  • It is essential to be certain that you know what kind of warranty they offer.


Is it easy to install the exhaust system?

The process of installing the exhausts is not complicated by any means. A lot of automobile owners are fond of changing exhaust systems frequently. But if you are new to the field, it could become a little challenging. This is why you should ensure that the product includes instructions as well as all the tools you need.

What is the main function of a 5.3 Silverado exhaust?

The principal role of an exhaust system is for the air intake. It aids in removing toxic gases from your car. This means that they won’t cause harm to the engine. Another advantage is the elimination of gases that have been burned. So, you will save time and money on maintenance.

What is the role of mufflers in the exhaust system?

The silencers have exhaust pipes. It is used to carry air and assists in releasing the burned gasses inside the tube. So, simple silencers let some air flow through and produce the sound you search for. However, if you are looking for an exhaust system that can give you the loud and clear sound you desire, don’t purchase the double muffler. It will not give you the sound you’re looking for.

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