Best Sounding Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra in 2022 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Published: 09/14/22 •  13 min read

Toyota Tundra is among the most sought-after pickups on the American automobile market. It is an automobile that needs regular maintenance and treatment. The heavy-duty truck is rated among the top models on the market, and it isn’t losing its appeal and popularity. To be such a stunning model of an automobile, its exhaust systems must deliver exceptional performance.

Although aftermarket exhausts can give additional performance by letting the engine breathe, they also add individuality to the truck by making the sound more appealing than the stock configuration. 

Did you purchase a Toyota Tundra, and are you looking for information on the best sounding exhaust systems? Finding the perfect product for your massive Toyota Tundra isn’t as easy. There are many brands to choose from, which can be confusing.

There are many options available for the exhaust system Toyota Tundra. Here are the top choices for the most acoustic exhaust system for the Toyota Tundra. Check out the details for the volume, depth, and quality of each Tundra exhaust system sound you can purchase to fit your Toyota Tundra.

Without further delay, let’s get started.

Best Sounding Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra 

Toyota Tundra is one of the most durable pickups to buy. It has a massive body, superb handling, a robust engine, and mind-blowing towing power. You can improve it more than this with a few improvements here and there. Exhaust systems are among the least understood components of the vehicle.

A well-designed exhaust system can improve the sound, acceleration, and throttle response. Here we have listed our top hand-picked exhaust system to help you to consider for your Toyota Tundra.

Flowmaster 817692 Cat-Back Exhaust Systems – The Best Toyota Tundra Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817692 Cat-Back Exhaust Systems - The Best Toyota Tundra Exhaust System



This stainless steel-sounding exhaust system from Flowmaster is the ideal fit for your Toyota Tundra. This black cat exhaust creates that abrasive sound that alerts people of your presence. The combination of the Dyno tuning and muffler system makes sure that the sound is powerful.

With a mounting spot already installed in the factory, as well as the complete bolt-on system installation, the process is fast and straightforward. Although the clamps might appear weak, based on how you install them, a sound welding system will be able to hold them securely. But there’s more to this method than sound.

It’s also designed to utilize a powerful drive motor, accompanied by two mandrel bends, which ensures that airflow within the system remains effective. In addition, the stainless steel finish of the exhaust system exudes elegance.

It also provides long-term durability. There is no danger of immediate or short-term corrosion. This is to guarantee longevity.

Pros & Cons

  • Smooth and fast installationnIt comes with a lifetime warrantynAmazing soundnEfficient airflownPerfect fitting parts
  • The installation of black tips isn’t easy.nWeak piping clamps need to be improved.

Gibson Performance 60-0013 Exhaust System – The Best Priced Toyota Tundra Exhaust System



Gibson 60-0013 is among the most affordable sounding exhaust system. It comes with an easy-to-install procedure. The Gibson offers a good sound. It can produce massive and powerful rumbles due to the straight-through muffler coupled with many pipes. In addition to its price, Gibson stands out because of its strength.

It is equipped with a stainless steel cover, which is not unlike its higher-priced counterparts, ensuring durability even though it is less costly. The tubings are made of stainless steel.

Thanks to the large pipes connected to this exhaust system, it can improve gas mileage while satisfying your need. However, this exhaust system comes out via the passenger side, just behind the tire in the rear.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to installnAmazing torque and horsepowernSlash cut tipsnSuper built-up
  • Difficult to tighten

Borla 140332 Cat Black Exhaust System – Peoples Choice Best Exhaust System

Borla 140332 Cat Black Exhaust System - Peoples Choice Best Exhaust System



The cat-black Borla 140332 exhaust is an expert at unleashing power and efficiency. This exhaust system is unique and vastly improved over those of the T400 Series. This is a

n ideal exhaust system for the Toyota Tundra model and can hold 4.6 or 5.7 liters.

In contrast to most exhaust systems available, the Borla is a distinct beast with a straight-through design and multi-core technology. The Borla is equipped to unleash the potential to be found inside the Toyota.

The stainless steel cover removes all doubts regarding its durability while maintaining its standing as the best performer. Every component of this exhaust system is controlled by the multi-core technology described above to ensure it is properly integrated into the Toyota.

The Borla utilizes mandrel bends with an ultra-smooth surface to ensure that airflow is effective and efficient. An improved exhaust speed that does more than increase power and reduces fuel consumption reduces your expenses.

Pros & Cons

  • Fuel economicalnDurable stainless steel bodynSmooth throttle effect throughout speed changesnSimple installation nGreat sound 
  • There aren’t any gaskets to seal the cat pipes.

Flowmaster 817664 American Thunder 409S Exhaust System

Flowmaster 817664 American Thunder 409S Exhaust System



American Thunder Flowmaster exhaust system is the best exhaust system that fits perfectly, especially for Toyota Tundra. Like many of its Flowmaster counterparts, The American thunder is guaranteed to perform at the highest levels as well as its loud sound. No one can doubt the powerful roar this exhaust will give you when you throttle it. The best thing about this Flowmaster is how it boosts your vehicle’s power. It’s not a surprise when factory-fitted tailpipes and tips made of steel are considered.

The 2.50-inch dual tailpipes with stainless steel 3.50-inch polished tips give you a dual exhaust rear while also providing more power. Additionally, it also provides more efficient fuel consumption. In the case of installation, the available set of directions guides you through an easy and speedier setup. It offers a faster installation procedure compared to its Flowmaster equivalents.

In addition, the exhaust system can be fitted on the long beds, normal cab and crewmax and short beds, and double-cabin models. In essence, it’s suitable for almost all tundra models.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick and easy installation nGreat soundnIncredible power
  • Exhaust tips aren’t reliable.nExhaust hanger is not reliable.

Walker 47774 Exhaust Muffler Assembly

Walker 47774 Exhaust Muffler Assembly



The Walker 47774 Exhaust Muffler Assembly is another high-end exhaust system suited to your Toyota Tundra. There’s no reason to be surprised by this, considering the many options, each carefully designed to ensure that the system makes a fantastic sound and improves effectiveness. One of them is the hanger that is OE type and factory-installed.

The installation is effortless and painless. The OE-style hanger is paired with factory-fitted brackets, as well as the custom pip routings, which further facilitate the seamless installation process. There is no requirement for welding or particular fabrication technique to create the durability of the factory-made components.

The Walker 47774 is a stainless steel corrosion-resistant system and is further supported with an inner drain which ensures that moisture is kept to the lowest level. Its internal partitions, as well as tubes that are mechanically connected, allow room to expand and then contract in response to temperature changes. This feature will ensure the least amount of distortion. It also offers top-quality structural stability thanks to spot welding that is OE-style.

It also has an acoustic control of premium quality when placed against most of its rivals. In addition, the walker 47774 features a domed shape head with a lower noise level and, compared with straight, perforated tubes, has high-quality sound.

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing soundn​​Protected against corrosionnEasy to installnPerfect fit
  • Sound not as powerful

The Best Toyota Tundra Exhaust System – Buying Guide

There are so many aspects that affect the choice of an exhaust system. So sometimes it can be challenging to choose the right one. Here are some crucial factors to consider before deciding which exhaust system you want to purchase for your Toyota Tundra.

Exhaust Type

The most important thing to consider prior to buying any exhaust systems is to know the kind of exhaust. There are three kinds of exhaust systems: the cat-back exhaust, the axle-back, and the header-back system.

Cat-back systems alter the exhaust directly in front of the converter catalytic. They are less expensive, though less efficient. However, they are known for their performance in emissions tests. Header-backs are a common way to boost performance by replacing an exhaust completely. Though they are expensive, they are highly effective.

Axle-backs are prone to modifications. However, they aren’t as extensive as cat-back systems. They are the least expensive of all kinds. However, they are the most ineffective.


Exhaust systems can be quite complicated and are often difficult to install, particularly for brands designed to fit larger trucks. But, sometimes, it requires less intricate installation. Those who would like to install it themselves can choose easy-to-install exhaust systems.

But, we recommend utilizing mechanics’ assistance. A professional mechanic could also help you choose the correct installation, particularly when shopping online.

Model Year

It is essential to consider the year of the car prior to buying the exhaust system. Although many exhaust systems are available for Toyotas, not all will work for all vehicles because they are specific to the model. Pay particular attention to the car model and buy only the exhaust system compatible with the car model.

An exhaust system that isn’t fitted correctly could cause leaks, leading to a decrease in power. This could be a severe risk and could be damaging in the end. Making a purchase that isn’t the proper fitting is a wrong choice that you should steer clear of.

Exhaust Tube Construction

There are various designs for exhaust tubes that can have different effects if they are not installed on vehicles that are compatible with that design. For the majority of exhaust systems, the norm is to choose the construction method that ends with a bend.

Although it is quick and easy to accomplish, this construction technique causes less airflow, decreasing efficiency, making the pipe smaller in the bent. High-end exhausts utilize a different method called mandrel bend in order to boost the power. This is possible because there isn’t any tightening of the bend. This is also a guarantee of a great sound.


If a car component is constantly exposed to elements, the material from which it is constructed must be evaluated prior to buying. Dust, rain, and fog are a few elements that the engine exhaust has to deal with. However, this implies that exhaust is susceptible to corrosion and rust. The coating materials are a crucial element.

Finding an exhaust system designed to stand up to these elements should be your top priority. An exhaust system that corrodes quickly can mean shorter service life and regular maintenance. For exhausts, the stainless steel option has shown to be more sturdy.


If you don’t have the money, there is no reason to choose an exhaust system with the correct tube design or the right material. However, a budget-friendly one means that you are limited to picking just the lower end of the scale, which could mean that you won’t find the top quality available.

Exhaust systems can be purchased at different costs, determined by the manufacturer or the location where they are sold. Aiming at your budget allows you to figure out the most suitable place to shop without going overboard. You will likely need to compromise one of the aspects mentioned above in order in order to make room for the other. A high budget will mean that your options are more comprehensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Exhaust System

Can you drive a car with a faulty exhaust?

In general, defective exhaust systems aren’t that hazardous or threatening to your life. However, they could cause a reduction in vehicle performance.

How can I detect a faulty exhaust system?

A damaged and degrading exhaust will show you what you need to pay attention to.

Strange sounds are an excellent method of determining if something is not right within an exhaust pipe. They could be rumbling or rattling. This is a noticeable deviation from what is expected.

An unclean smell may suggest that the catalytic converter is blocked in a different scenario. Lower fuel efficiency could indicate an exhaust system may be becoming faulty.

But, if the emissions are coming out of your exhausts via a hole, it could be risky for your health. They are odorless and colorless, which means you won’t be able to see them. They can cause flames that can cause massive destruction to your vehicle.

Must I modify my vehicle before installation?

No, because most exhaust systems are built specifically for specific car models and are designed to fit perfectly. In rare instances, minor modifications may have to be made to ensure that components that are not appropriately fitted to the exhaust are cut to guarantee the best fit.

Will my car perform better with a new exhaust system?

Yes. It will. New exhaust systems will improve the performance of your car while reducing the amount of fuel consumed. But the majority of drivers opt for newer exhaust systems for aesthetics. But, that isn’t denying any fact that these systems work to enhance performance.

Can I carry out the installation of the exhaust system by myself?

It is possible if you are an expert in your field and know a bit about mechanics. This should allow you to follow installation directions within the instruction manual. If you are not sure of your abilities to accomplish this task, do it, don’t attempt. Consult a mechanic instead.

Are loud exhausts more fuel-consuming?

No. Loud exhaust systems don’t consume more fuel than their silent counterparts. This is due to the muffler component. Mufflers aid in modulating the sound generated by the engine. This means there is no impact on efficiency or mileage. So as long as the muffler works appropriately and is not blocking the flow of gas, an increase in noise doesn’t affect the rate of fuel consumption.

How many types of mufflers are there?

There are two kinds of mufflers. They are glass-packed mufflers as well as chambered mufflers. Glass-packed mufflers are the most common type to contain fibreglasses. The fibreglasses are responsible for creating a distinctive popping sound. The chambered muffler allows airflow through chambers or tubes within a unit. The movement produces an exhalation note.

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Can I install a muffler myself?

Yes. You can install a muffler on your own if you have had some experience in automobiles. But, mufflers require a certain amount of expertise to install and may require welding to ensure that they have a better grip. If you’re in that situation, it is better to engage the services of an approved welder. 

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An adequately fitted exhaust ensures that your car not only makes that unique sound you’ve been waiting for but also offers a stunning appearance. However, it is difficult to decide but do not overlook considering the factors discussed in the buying guide.