Car Alarm Keeps Going Off [Different Vehicles]

Published: 09/14/22 •  7 min read

Car security is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family. You deserve to have peace of mind while you’re driving, and an alarm system can provide that for you

A car alarm system is a great way to feel safe when driving. It’s essential protection for your vehicle, family and home.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your car alarm, please read through this post so that you can get started on solving the issue.

Car Alarm Keeps Going Off | What to do?

Honda Pilot Alarm Keeps Going Off (Beeps while walking away)


You have probably observed that the alarm of the Honda Pilot sounds off each time you step away from it. It makes a loud sound when you get away due to the auto-lock walk-away feature.

The auto-lock feature is activated by locking all doors automatically after you step away from your Honda pilot using the key fob. You can activate this function by turning on the auto-lock feature of your vehicle.

The sensor detects when you walk approximately 2.5m from your car. At that point, all doors will be locked.

It unlocks all doors when you return to your vehicle. This means you don’t need to use your key or punch any buttons to get in. Although it may seem annoying, this is a great safety feature.

The beep typically lasts just a few seconds; however, If you continue to hear it even after locking your car, it could be other problems.

Honda Civic Alarm Keeps Going Off

honda civic alarm keeps going off

It is an absolute nightmare if your Honda Civic alarm sounds in the darkness of the night. This isn’t just interrupting your sleep; it’s also annoying your neighbors.

Before we can begin solving the problem, it is essential to identify the source. Here are some possible reasons why your Honda Civic car alarm keeps going off.

Reason 1: Key Fob Malfunction

The Honda Civic key fob has an internal battery connected to the car alarm. It could be at fault for the malfunction. The key fob may transmit a wrong signal because of a dead battery or even a short.

You could also be pressing the alarm button accidentally. Ensure you are not sitting in front of your fob or pressing it incorrectly.

Reason 2: Low Battery

The most likely reason your Honda Civic alarm is set off when you start the engine is that the battery may be depleted. It’s not an issue. As a part of their purpose, car alarms inform you that your car’s battery is at a low level.

Try testing your car’s battery using the aid of a battery tester to identify this possibility. If the battery is not functioning correctly, recharge it or replace it. 

Reason 3: Corroded Battery Terminals

A low battery isn’t all that can cause your alarm to go off. Bad or damaged battery terminals may send low signals, which your Honda Civic’s alarm system may de

tect the as low battery.

Reason 4: Incorrect Alarm Installation 

There is the possibility that the alarm installation is not working correctly. In addition, factory-installed or aftermarket alarms generally include an alarm control module that regulates all sensors and switches.

In the event of a malfunction, this crucial element to your alarm may cause the car alarm to continue sounding.

Reason 5: Faulty Hood Latch Sensor

The sensors for the hood latch in the Honda Civic detect your car’s motion of the hood and trigger the alarm. Sometimes, this protection feature could be the reason for the malfunctioning of your car alarm.

Sometimes, this sensor can be covered in dirt and grime. This can cause it to transmit contradicting signals, which could activate your car alarm.

Reason 6: Sensitive Sensors

If the Honda civic alarm sounds loud when you make the slightest touch, it could be because your alarm sensors are too sensitive and react to slight touches.

Although it’s not common for an alarm to respond to the wind, It could be the case if your alarm sensors are overly sensitive.

Reason 7: Nonfunctional Door Sensors 

The Honda Civic alarm also monitors the car doors. Opening your car door with force could trigger the car alarm. In addition, if your sensors are not working correctly, they could also send signals to your car alarm, which could cause the alarm to go off.

F150 Alarm Keeps Going Off

ford f150 alarm goes off

If your F-150 alarm keeps going off, it may be due to the following reasons: 

Reason 1: Interior Motion Sensors

A typical cause of the F-150 alarm that goes off is due to the interior motion sensors.

The idea behind these alarms is that they will allow you to keep your windows open. However, the alarm will sound should someone reach inside your vehicle to steal your smartphone or tablet. These sensors can be situated in the roof console and are in line with the lights of the roof console. 

Reason 2: Shock Sensor Sensitivty

In the F-150, there’s often a shock sensor linked with the factory alarm when the sensitivity is set to the maximum, and the alarm goes off.

Sensors detect shocks and collisions around your truck; e.g., if someone breaks a glass, the sensor is alerted and relays the message to your alarm system.

The setting for the sensitivity of this alarm should be affixed to the vent tube on the driver’s side.

Reason 3: Body Control Module Update

BCM (or Body Control Module) is the device responsible for monitoring and controlling the other electronic systems inside your vehicle, including electronic locks, security systems, lights, power mirrors, and air conditioning.

To solve this issue, you must upgrade the BCM to the most current software.

Reason 4: Dying 12V Battery

A dead 12V battery or one with insufficient voltage could cause many issues that can trigger alarms. Most 12V car batteries last for 3-4 years, so it could be time to replace them.

It’s worth cleaning out the terminals first and ensuring that the connections are clean and free of dust and dirt.

Reason 5: Low Transponder Key Battery

A key fob with low battery can cause the alarm on F150s to sound random. Try using a spare key that has a code – if the issue goes away, then you’ll be required for a replacement battery on the primary key fob.

Reason 6: Troublesome Hood Latch Sensor

The most common reason for the alarm sounding in the Ford F-150 is an issue with the sensor on the hood latch, also called the Hood switch. Because of their position, the hood switches are often blocked and dirty, and it’s worth giving them the chance to be cleaned and lubricated first.

Reason 7: Faulty Door Lock Sensors

Defecting sensors for the door’s latch is the most common reason F-150 alarms go off. Like the sensor for the hood latch, your F-150’s alarm is also monitored by the doors to ensure that nobody is opening them.

WHEELSCRIBE recommends giving all the latches on your doors the benefit of thoroughly cleaning and some grease using WD-40.

Reason 8: Connect the Battery

Sometimes, alarms that are not working properly may be solved by a simple reboot. There’s no guarantee, but it’s worth trying. The battery should be disconnected for 20 seconds. 

Reason 9: High Voltage Power Lines

Parking in the vicinity of overhead power lines can set off alarms on the alarm on your Ford F-150. This is due to electromagnetism (EMR) which can cause interference with the electronic components of an alarm.

If you suspect this could be the reason, move your vehicle out of the way.

Reason 10: Look For Warning Notifications

After the alarm is activated, check for any light or alert messages on the gauge panel. This may indicate the reason for this alarm, e.g., ‘Hood Ajar.’


If your car alarm keeps going off, there might be a few things you can do to fix the issue.

In some cases, the problem is simply that the alarm’s battery has gone dead and needs to be replaced.

Other times, the problem might be more complicated and require a technician to fix it.

Regardless of the cause, fixing your car alarm will usually resolve the issue and make it stop going off.