4 Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems and Troubleshooting

Published: 09/14/22 •  4 min read

In this article, we will go over Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve problems and troubleshooting. We will show you the solution to each Fuel Tank Selector Valve problem listed below.

The selector valve of the Ford is attached to a switch accessible by the driver. It allows the driver to switch between the dual fuel tanks of Ford. The switch sends an indication to the valve, which shuts or opens the tanks for fuel. The fuel pipes transfer fuel from the primary tank or secondary tank with this system. The valve lets you select the tank’s fuel that will be used to fuel the engine.

Why Does Ford Use a Dual Fuel Tank?

Most of the Ford vehicles have dual tanks to ensure a greater fuel capacity. The principal reason for having dual tanks is that Ford trucks burn through fuel very quickly. So, dual fuel tanks allow more storage space for fuel onboard. Dual tanks also permit drivers to take an extended drive without stopping for fuel often. 

Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems and Their Solutions

Ford Fuel tank valves have different issues and exhibit various symptoms based on the particular model. There are a few issues that arise with the fuel selector valve, as well as solutions you can employ depending on your specific situation. 

The most frequent complaints from owners, along with its solution, are listed below. Be sure to read the article carefully to determine the issue you face and the solution you need to solve it.

Only Single Fuel Tank is Working

The selector valve works using the fuel pressure to allow the switch between two tanks. If this valve fails to function correctly, it will cause the fuel tanks not to shut or open properly. This will result in only one tank functioning. Most of the time, the rear tank is not functional. 


Selector Valve Does Not Work While Starting the Car 

One of the most significant issues people who purchase second-hand Ford cars encounter is the selector valve not functioning when trying to start the car. This can happen if the previous owner removed the valve or damaged it.


Overflowing Tank

Fuel from the back tank is transferred to the front tank, while fuel from the front tank is transferred to the rear tank. This leads to overfilling.


No Fuel in Auxiliary tank

A defective selector valve could cause the switching between two tanks. 



We hope that the offered solutions in this article will help you solve the fuel tank issues of your Ford. After finding your problem and its solution using our article, ensure that you follow the instructions carefully. If you need replacement parts, ensure you look according to your car’s specific requirements.