How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost?

Published: 09/14/22 •  8 min read

There’s no better feeling than when you leave with a brand-new car or a bike from a dealer. We all put in efforts and money to buy your wished set of wheels, and it is impossible to describe the sensation!

The real issue is how do you ensure that your vehicle looks new even after years and months of regular use? You will find many options for receiving interior and exterior vehicle maintenance services. 

Ceramic coatings have become incredibly well-known in recent times in protecting the paint. Let us now discuss why they are costly compared to other detailing services and the determining factor of a detailing service with a ceramic coating.

In short, Generally, the Ceramic Coating cost ranges from $500 to $5000. The cost of ceramic coating can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the vehicle, the type of coating used, and the location where it is applied.

Ceramic Coating Cost

ceramic coating cost

The cost of ceramic coating will vary based on the condition and size of your car, as well as the quality of the ceramic coating you receive. However, the fact that you choose a respected detailer be prepared to pay anywhere from $500 to $5000. 

Anything more expensive requires the most expensive ceramic coating, using more space in the vehicle, and having more extensive painting correction work that is needed. A well-used car usually costs around $2,000, whereas the brand new model will cost about $1500. 

While this isn’t an exact price guide, we see ballpark prices from reputable stores. The general range that you should expect prices to fall within;

1-Year CoatingsSingle-Stage Polishing$750 to $1800
3-Year Coatings Single-Stage Polishing $1200 to $2500
5-Year Coatings $1200 to $3500
Lifetime-Year Coatings Single-Stage Polishing $3500 to $6000

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While you search for a ceramic coating, inquire about the best installer you can trust and which you are confident will be there for your long-term if you encounter any problems. Although coatings are excellent, they’re not bulletproof, and this is a process that requires human effort. So having an installer that’s an ally to you is what you need to seek out.

Why Does Ceramic Coating Cost So much?

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining the cost of ceramic coating. Here in this article, we will discuss the five most important factors to consider when estimating the cost of a ceramic coating job. These cannot be foreseen, yet they significantly affect the price.

1. New vs. Used Vehicle

new vs old car ceramic coating costs

The most significant factor that can drastically impact coating costs is how well maintained the car is, directly related to labor time. The newer models will typically be more affordable since they require less effort. It should not surprise that a car that requires 10 hours to finish is much less expensive than one that takes 30 or 40 hours.

What could also raise costs is the state of your car. Even if your car is brand new and straight from the dealer, it is possible to have imperfections in the paint that require fixing. It is either the issue with the auto manufacturer or perhaps the dealer. When dealers wash vehicles and paints, they often damage paints more severely. If you frequently drive your car to automated car washes, that may be a reason for scratches that could raise the cost of the work.

When it comes to the cost of used vehicles, we advise that you take your car to an expert detailer to get an estimate rather than trying to obtain one over the phone or via email. An experienced detailer will gather enough details to provide you with high-side and low-side estimates. Because when you don’t see the vehicle in person, it’s almost impossible to assess the condition.

If you seek the most accurate estimate, ensure that you and your technician inspect the condition of your vehicle together. This can provide you with the most precise price and avoid unexpected costs.

2. Vehicle color

The color of the vehicle can significantly impact the cost of a car because it can affect the length of time to work. In dark cars, the flaws are more apparent when compared

to lighter colors like silver or white. So darker vehicles typically require more polishing to ensure a perfect appearance. Vehicles with lighter colors suffer from similar defects, but scratches and swirl marks are not visible in the light and to the naked eye. 

3. Vehicle Size

Another thing to consider is the vehicle size. This is crucial since it plays a vital role in the amount of ceramic layer required and the areas to polish or correct. A larger vehicle will also require additional supplies and equipment included in the calculation. The bigger the car or vehicle is, the longer it takes to finish the task. 

4. Paint Hardness

Hardness refers to the durability of the coat. Modern cars come with a clear coat that protects the color beneath, usually referred to as the color coat or base. Before applying a ceramic coating, your technician must smooth the coat to get it as flawless as possible. A clear coat that is stronger is generally superior since it won’t be as easy to scratch.

But, this kind of clear coat is more difficult to repair, meaning your detailer will need to spend longer re-working the surface. A soft clear coat will cause problems as it wears. It is more challenging to maintain, and after a few washes, you will notice some more flaws. Although this kind of paint is easy to fix, it does require an experienced eye and a proficient set of hands to ensure that the clear coat has been done to a mirror-like reflection.

5. Labor and Material Cost

This is the most fundamental aspect that affects cost. A limited set of factors determine how much experience and skill goes into working on your vehicle, but there are endless variables that can mark up the price, such as; added supplies, waxing, or any other services you may request during detailing exterior protection.

The material and labor cost is broken down into four parts:

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Are Professional Ceramic Coating Products Expensive?

Sometimes, when we receive estimates from local professional detailers regarding ceramic coatings services, many of us are dissuaded by the price. However, you must remember that professional-grade products are very different from those you can buy on the internet! 

Professional ceramic coatings products can cost anything from $100 to upwards of $500 per bottle used for a single car. In addition, a professional detailer considers all other equipment and other materials employed in preparing the vehicle for coating application.

Ceramic Coating Tips to Follow 

Type of Ceramic Coating and Costs

Ceramic Coating TypesCosts
Ziebert Ceramic Coating$1299 to $1599
Ceramic Pro Coating Cost$850 to $1890
3m Ceramic Coating Cost$1000 to $2000
Tesla Ceramic Coating Cost$800 to $2,000
Modesta Ceramic Coating Cost$770 for a BC-05 to $2,750 for the PL line.
BMW Ceramic Coating Cost$1500 to $5750


Ceramic coatings can be a significant amount of money; however, you are protecting one of the most important investments you have made in the long run, and it’s totally worth it. The higher the number of years of protection you go for, the greater the paint correction and the more expensive the cost. 

If you are shopping around for estimates, be sure you ask your prospective detailer if they will be able to come to their location for a no-cost estimate. Then, in the assessment, have your technician clean off the panel (a door is usually a good choice) and identify any imperfections in the clear coat. You might be amazed by the final results, even in a brand new car!