How To Keep Trailer Tires From Dry Rotting

Published: 01/03/22 •  3 min read

As we know, trailer tires often grieve from dry rotting for numerous reasons. The methods to prevent dry rotting include timely inspections, parking them under shade, detailed cleaning of the tires, washing them thoroughly, and also insuring proper increase.

Dry rotting is actually something that can easily prevent and save money while replacing the trailer tires. For your own convenience, it is highly useful to know the characteristics of dry rotting.

For self-explanatory, there are certain figures you should know before taking a jump into the prevention steps. These include brittle tires, tread cracks, and color fading.

Besides it, there is no limited set of equipment required in order to stop dry rotting. Having said that, there are a few things you will be needing essentially a tire cleaner and tire covers.

Avoiding the trailer tires from dry rotting isn’t a one-time thing or a process. In order to protect your tires, all you need to do is adopt some measures and use the right materials to support the methods. So, here are certain things you mainly need to focus on.

Regular Inspection:

The first yet foremost step towards preventing dry rotting and saving the expense of purchasing a new set of tires is to ensure that you do regular goings-over of the trailer tires and the trailer itself. You need to start with the sidewall to notice any sort of cracks, discoloration, or any kind of knob in the tire. For the treads, you need to check for the cracks. Well, if the tires have been on the road before, these treads will be having some kind of cracks.

Parking the trailer under the shade:

Protecting your vehicle under the sun is necessary if you live in a hot region. It is also necessary to protect the tires from dry rotting. The only solution from preventing dry rotting is to park your car under a shade.

Cleaning of Tires:

A simple cleaning such as washing or cleaning your car can improve the quality and life of the tires and can prevent dry rotting.

Proper Tire Inflation:

Under-inflated trailer tire is much the same as a dangerous situation. Regardless of whether the trailer is stopped, you should guarantee that it generally has the company-suggested pneumatic stress. Under-filling exasperates the dry decaying process and assuming that you drive with less strain, the power of tire stepping will be higher.


Assuming that we were composing an aide on the most proficient method to store your trailer for the late spring or winter, the principal thing we would have shared is purging the trailer. Each tire is worked to endure a specific limit of weight.

In any case, when the trailer is stopped, the tires are as of now under a ton of stress. An over-burden trailer will just add to the issues, including speeding up the dry spoiling. Additionally, the additional weight can cause breaks, swells, and surprisingly a victory, particularly when the tires are straightforwardly presented to the sun’s UV beams.