How to Legally Make an Exhaust Louder?

Published: 09/14/22 •  8 min read

You are likely one of the many car lovers who love the sounds of a loud car. You can do a few things to make your ride’s exhaust system more in your style.

It doesn’t matter what it is; you will enjoy learning the modifications that can be made to your exhaust to make it louder.

Continue reading to discover how to increase the volume of your exhaust and get the depth and volume you desire. You must know a few things and ensure you are doing it correctly.

You should consider whether these modifications are possible before you proceed. This is something you are well aware of.

However, there are limits on the volume your car can emit. You could be in trouble if you don’t have a muffler that can silence your exhaust system.

How is Engine Sound Produced?

Before we start, let’s learn about how automobiles make a sound.

Your car produces power through combustion. This is when fuel and air are combined in the combustion chamber. These little explosions create sound waves which travel down the exhaust system to the tips.

The sound waves travel through this exhaust system and pass through the resonators, mufflers, and other devices that suppress exhaust gases, pressure, and yes! The sound waves.

According to car enthusiasts, the engine sound output makes cars attractive and hot.

For most people, a silent car is better.

Automobile manufacturers make every effort not to emit any noise. You can make your exhaust louder but on a tight budget by replacing or adjusting the components that control the engine’s noise. These parts include resonators and exhaust pipes.

Continue reading, and we will look at both the expensive and affordable ways to improve your ride’s sound.

How to Legally Make Your Exhaust Louder?

No matter the reason for your desire to have a louder exhaust sound, there is good news. There are many legal options to boost the sound quality of your car.

Note that prices for each mode can vary depending on where you live, what make and model your car is, and who you hire to do the job.

Muffler Delete

Muffler deletion involves removing the stock muffler from your car

’s exhaust system. This involves removing the muffler and welding new exhaust piping to replace it.

This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective DIY projects you can do to improve your car’s sound quality. You will notice a louder and more aggressive sounding car.

You must check if the device is allowed in your area. Some places require at least one sound-dampening device in your vehicle.

Aftermarket Exhaust System

An aftermarket system is one of the easiest ways to improve your car’s exhaust sound. Its purpose is to improve the airflow through the exhaust system.

The car’s original exhausts can be pretty restrictive. This is why most owners opt for an aftermarket system.

The system allows for unlimited exhaust gas flow, which increases the engine’s performance and horsepower.

It has one major drawback: it sacrifices quality.

You may be aware that exhaust manufacturers spend a lot of time and money to make their exhausts. It is challenging to achieve that level of dependability in an aftermarket unit.

Muffler Upgrade

You can also modify the muffler to achieve the aggressive sound you want. You may have seen the small box under your car. It’s your muffler.

This box reduces the exhaust’s noise. You should do this if you want your vehicle or car to sound powerful. But not all mufflers can eliminate sound waves.

Many aftermarket mufflers aim to do the opposite. The straight type is one example of a trendy muffler type.

Make Holes in Muffler

To make their mufflers sound better, many people use a power drill. Look on forums related to your car’s make/model to find out if there are any popular techniques for drilling holes that produce a pleasant sound.

Straight Pipe

A straight-pipe exhaust system will require the removal of the majority of your exhaust systems components, such as the stock muffler, resonator, and catalytic convert.

Straight pipes can make your exhaust sound louder and remove most restrictions from the exhaust system. Straight pipes will likely increase your vehicle’s performance.

Turbocharged cars with straight exhaust pipes allow the turbo to spool significantly and produce a louder exhaust.

It is important to remember that straight exhaust pipe modifications require proper tuning. It is illegal to remove the catalytic converter from certain areas. Make sure you check your local noise regulations.

Cat Delete

The Catalytic Converter or CAT delete. a.k.a. “Downpipe.” Your catalytic converter has one job: to reduce the harmful emissions from your car.

It also significantly reduces the car’s sound level. This restriction is bypassed by drivers who use a downpipe.

They increase the volume of your turbo’s engine. The downpipe, unlike the CAT’s, is not insulated. This reduces both torque as well as performance.

This does not, however, eliminate the CAT. It could therefore be considered only for off-road use in most areas.

This is against most laws. It will probably not be granted if your jurisdiction requires you to pass an emission test.

Catback Exhaust

As we have said before, aftermarket exhaust is a simple way to make your exhaust sound more powerful. We would choose the Catback exhaust if we had to choose one. This is the most common mode of operation for most drivers.

It is excellent for making your exhaust sound louder. But it also makes it look unique. Catback exhausts are made from stainless steel, so you don’t need to worry about corrosion or other toxic substances.

Upgrade the Exhaust Tip

We researched and found that improving your exhaust sound can be pretty expensive. But not everyone can afford to spend $500 just to make their car sound better.

A sound amplifier exhaust tip is a cheap way to increase your vehicle’s exhaust volume.

Exhaust tips are small pieces of steel that are attached to the exhaust. Although they won’t increase your horsepower, exhaust tips will significantly improve the sound. They are also less expensive than an aftermarket exhaust system.

Open Headers

Open headers can be loud and annoying. The exhaust manifold is first part of the exhaust system that connects to the engine. The rest of the exhaust parts are usually connected to the rear end of the header.

However, removing the resonator CAT, exhaust pipe, and muffler leaves an unobstructed header.

This is a dangerous practice that you should not undertake unless you are fully aware of the potential consequences.

The hot exhaust fumes from your headers can cause important parts, such as brake lines, to melt or burn if they flow underneath the car. This could lead to a possible fire. Open headers need to be modified in order to work correctly.



Are you ready to make your neighbors envy you? It is possible with a turbocharger.

In all seriousness, however, a turbocharger can be a cost-effective but simple way to increase the sound quality of your car’s engine. Turbochargers can boost your engine’s performance and horsepower. This is done by injecting more air into the engine’s combustion chamber.

Cold Air Intake

cold air intake to make exhaust louder legally

Cold air intake is a common way to increase exhaust volume. Although the cold air intake is a good option for most people, it will not be able to credit your vehicle. It is also quite restrictive and, even with a turbocharger, won’t give you much.

You must increase your cold air intake if you have a turbocharger. The vehicle’s sound will become more frightening. High-performance cold air intake is designed to increase the amount of air that is delivered to the engine.


Is it illegal to make the vehicle exhaust louder?

You can’t change the sound of your vehicle’s engine without breaking the law. You could face some serious legal consequences if you interfere with the muffler or remove it.

This is because exhaust modification could result in an exhaust leak. Your car will not pass the safety inspection. These leaks can be hazardous if you are not familiar with them. These leaks can occur quickly, putting your life, as well as the lives of others, in jeopardy.

Is Loud Exhaust a Good Way to Get Pulled Over?

Yes. If an officer feels that the exhaust is too loud, they can stop you. An officer may pull you over if the exhaust is too loud or emits excessive amounts of carbon dioxide.


This guide will answer your questions about making an exhaust sound louder legally.

There are many ways to improve the sound of your vehicle, but we recommend that you get a new exhaust. It is more expensive than a turbocharger upgrade, but it is still cheaper than one.

Additionally, there are no laws to be broken since most prominent companies ensure that all their products comply with legal guidelines. All the best!