How to Make Exhaust Sound Sporty?

Published: 09/14/22 •  6 min read

There are several ways to improve your car’s exhaust sounds and make it sound sporty. The exhaust can affect the vehicle’s performance by removing the exhaust from the engine and allowing fresh, clean air to enter the engine. 

A vehicle’s exhaust rumbling is a great way to remind yourself of its power. You can make your vehicle a powerful force by increasing the exhaust sound.

If the exhaust is not vented correctly, it can choke the engine and prevent it from working at its best. The vehicle’s horsepower can be greatly increased by changing the exhaust. It will also sound better and more potent than the other cars on the track or block, depending on the situation. 

How to Make Exhaust Sound Sporty?

Did you ever see a car with loud mufflers? How did you react? 

You may be wondering why their car was so loud. It might seem that all the options for making your car louder are too expensive or not possible with your vehicle. 

Believe us. You don’t have to spend much money to make your car sound sporty and louder. You just need to remove any component that could dampen your exhaust system (catalytic converters, exhaust mufflers, resonators) and install a great sound performance kit. This article will provide tips on how to make your car sound louder and sporty.

How to Make Your Car Sound Sporty?

Do you wonder if you can make your car sound sporty and louder?

These are eight great tips from WHEELSCRIBE to make your car sound lsporty.

Tip 1# Install Aftermarket Exhaust 

aftermarket exhaust

WHEELSCRIBE recommends installing an aftermarket exhaust to increase your vehicle’s airflow. This is one of the best ways to make your car sound louder.

The engine’s horsepower will increase as it breathes better.

This method has one drawback, i.e., you risk losing quality by using an aftermarket exhaust. It is challenging to get the same reliability from the new exhaust because manufacturers use many resources.

You will hear your car’s voice, but you must research it. Some cars can be very restrictive, so you may notice some differences in your car and not see the same thing in others.

Tip 2# Drill Holes in the Exhaust 

This is an easy and popular way to make exhaust sound sporty. The exhaust makes sound waves that escape from the holes before they reach the muffler.

For emission, drill the holes between the mufflers and just after the catalytic converter. You will need to drill a few holes as you listen to the sound.

Tip 3# Modify the Car Resonator 

Car Resonator

The resonator sits between the catalytic converter and muffler. Modifying the car’s size of the resonator will alter the pitch and grumbling tone.

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Tip 4# Straight Pipes 

Straight pipes are best because they allow all noises and gases to travel straight from your engine to the exhaust tip, making it louder. You must remove the converter, muffler, and other obstructions to allow the gases to flow freely. This improves the engine’s performance and produces more noise. 

You must remove your original exhaust system from the header to install straight pipes. Once the exhaust system is removed, connect straight pipes to the header using clamps. Because there is no resonator, catalytic converter, or muffler, the car will sound louder.

Your check lights will remain on, even though there is no integrated oxygen sensor within the catalytic converter. It is important to remember that this installation can’t pass inspection due to its violation of noise ordinance and emission standards.

Tip 5# Get the Exhaust Tubing Evaluated

Your vehicle’s exhaust lines can often become “kinked,” which causes a halt in the exhaust flow. A mandrel bender is a machine that pushes a ball through exhaust tubing. This removes any “kinks” from the exhaust line.

This increases exhaust flow and allows more fresh air to be pumped into the engine. Tubing that is too small can restrict the flow. It is worth changing the entire pipes to increase airflow and reduce back pressure in the exhaust system.

Tip 6# Consider a Turbocharger

Many manufacturers sell aftermarket turbochargers and superchargers. These will give you the desired sporty sound and increase your cylinder’s performance by pressuring the air. More fuel and air equals more power.

Tip 7# Install Cat-Back 

This is an easy way to make your car louder. It allows you to use your catalytic converter and is cheaper. It is also easy to install, and you do not need to follow any laws. It provides a better exhaust sound and a greater volume, which makes for a great experience. Installing a cat-back will make your car louder and last longer. 

Tip 8# Install an Exhaust Tip 

Although it won’t increase horsepower, it will likely change the sound quality.

Exhaust tips are a good option, as they can increase the exhaust’s volume, but can also be more expensive than other methods, such as installing an aftermarket exhaust that can run up to $500.

The exhaust tips are available in a variety of colours, but all work the same. These tips are more affordable than other methods and can be purchased on Amazon. If you are looking for an exhaust tip that will look great and enhance the appearance of your vehicle, CLICK HERE.

WHEELSCRIBE’s Recommendation: How to Make Exhaust Sound Sporty?

You can make your car sound louder than it does. You only need to modify the exhaust system one way or another to make it sporty. 

You can either add an exhaust tip or completely replace the exhaust system. Before you make any modifications, be sure to check your state’s laws.

You should also be aware that modern cars have noise-dampening features that can reduce your car volume.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to drive cars with loud exhausts?

Loud exhaust from cars is illegal if it emits more than 95 decibels. Modifying your exhaust may be illegal if you live in California. California law also makes using bypasses, cutouts, or whistle tips on your car illegal. Every vehicle must have mufflers.

Do Exhaust Tips Make Your Car Louder?

Exhaust tips don’t make cars sound louder. They make the vehicle look great.

In some cases, however, exhaust tips can alter the sound of a vehicle’s exhaust gases as they pass through every part of its exhaust system. 

The length of the exhaust tips determines how loud the sound is produced.

Although your vehicle may not sound louder, it will make a deeper sound when the exhaust tips are installed.

Exhaust tips are the best accessory for changing your exhaust note. If you want your car’s exhaust note to become more profound, you can get a new muffler. Mufflers, pipes, and resonators are essential for setting the car’s exhaust note.