How to Make Foam Cannon More Foamy?

Published: 09/14/22 •  6 min read

You might have read or heard that it is possible to make your own foam cannon. You can even buy a foam cannon at most hardware stores, but you may be wondering how to make foam cannon foamier?

In this article, we will be showing you a simple method to make your cannon foamier. This will not only save you money but also will help you create a more efficient foam cannon.

What is foam cannon?

How to Make Foam Cannon More Foamy

Foam cannon is a car washing equipment used to create snow foam while washing your car. It is widely used to protect the paint from swirl marks and scratches. This is done by creating a layer of foam around your car so that when you wash, the dirt will be suspended on top of the water instead of rubbing into the paint.

Types of Foam Cannon?

Adjustable Foam Cannon

This type of foam cannon is a prevalent choice. It is adjustable to control how much foam you want to produce. This is great for people who like a lot of foam.

Quick Release Foam Cannon

The adjustable foam cannon is more widespread than the rapid-release version. It has a ¼ – inch male fitting attached to the wand, making it effective in rinsing and washing the vehicles. With the adjustable cannon, you can switch between washing and rinsing swiftly.

Professional Grade Foam Cannon

A professional-grade foam cannon, also called a “professional foam cannon,” is a type of foam cannon that uses heavy-duty materials like stainless steel. It is a high-quality foam cannon that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear and offer increased durability and sturdiness. It produces thicker foam than a cheap foam cannon.

Foam Cannon Bottles

Depending on your preferences, the type of foam cannon you use depends on you. If you enjoy watching foam cannon work, you should not use opaque bottles. Transparent bottles allow you to see the contents, while opaque bottles do not. This will not impact the performance of the foam cannon.

Foam Cannons with Interchangeable Nozzles

This type of sprayer comes with different nozzles that direct the water flow in different directions, allowing it to shoot at different angles, such as 15°, 25°, 40°, etc. These nozzles are attached to the end of the wand to help direct the water flow. The foam cannons are designed to produce a wide range of foam ideal for washing cars, boats, motorcycles, and even bicycles.

How to Make Foam Cannon More Foamy?

Use the Ideal Power Washer

pressure washers

Ideal Wash Solution Foam cannon has two primary functions. One is to rinse the car while the other is to wash the car. If you do not get the right amount of foam, it will be hard to achieve the desired result. Therefore, it is essential to use an ideal solution to deliver good foam to the car. 

Make Sure You Use the Right Soap

A good quality soap should help you to deliver a high-quality foam. However, it is not the same as using a detergent that contains no soap. Some soaps can produce a good quality foam. Therefore, you must ensure that the soap you use is the right one for your foam cannon. 

Dilute the Soap with Warm Water

If you are going to use a commercial soap, you have to dilute it with warm water. The reason why you have to do this is that soap is hard to dissolve in cold water.  

Use the Right Amount of Water 

The amount of water you use will also affect the foam quality. Using too much water will reduce the foam quality. If you do not use adequate water, you will not achieve the desired results. 


Rinsing the car first is very important. If you do not rinse the car first, then the soap will not work its way into the pores of the car. It will be difficult for the soap to wash out all the dirt and debris. This is why you should always rinse the car before you start to foam it. 

Preserve Your Foam Cannon

It is essential to store your foam cannon in a safe place. Please don’t keep it in an area exposed to direct sunlight. The reason why this is important is that direct sunlight can fade the color of the foam. If you use the foam cannon again in the future, make sure that you store it in a cool place.  

Foam Cannon Soap Ratio

A good foam cannon soap ratio will help you deliver high-quality foam. You should also know that not all soaps are the same. Some soaps produce a better-quality foam than oth

ers. Therefore, you can use a 10:1 (10 ounces of water and 1 ounce of soap) foam cannon ratio to get a more foamy foam cannon.

Foam cannon dilution ratio

The best Dilution ratio for foam cannon is 2oz soap to 28oz water.

You can also use other types of cannons such as spray cans, aerosol cans, etc. You will have less foam if the ratio is less than that. If more than that, you will have a very thick foam. So, make sure you do not use a very high dilution ratio.

How Much Psi for Foam Cannon?

You should make sure to use the right psi for your foam cannon. Ensuring that the psi is not too high or too low is important. Foam cannons typically require between 1,000 and 3,000 PSI. 

Furthermore, you should always ensure that you use the correct amount of water for your foam cannon. The amount of water you use will also affect the amount of foam that you get from your foam cannon.

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There are so many ways to make foam cannons, and the best way to make it foamier is to make sure that you use a high-powered washer to clean the car. The best way to do this is by using the correct soap for the foam cannon. It’s important to remember that the soap you use will affect the amount of foam that the cannon produces. Make sure you are diluting the soap with warm water, and make sure you rinse the car with water. Also, don’t forget to keep it in a dry and cool place!

The most important thing to understand when making a foam cannon is the foam cannon technique. Understanding the method can be challenging because there are many different ways to make a foam cannon. However, if you have experience with a particular technique, it will be easier to figure out how to do it.

The best way to figure out the technique is by doing it yourself. This will also help you see what works and what does not.