How To Reset Ford Battery Management System?

Published: 09/14/22 •  4 min read

The battery management system manages battery conditions and performs actions following the life status. It also monitors the capacity of the battery to drain it and helps prevent harm. When the battery needs more power or fuel, the system will help ensure that the electrical feature is protected quickly. It is important to note that the BMS or Battery Management System is not working effectively if the battery drain is not connected correctly.

How Do Ford Battery Management Systems Work?

A battery management system acts as an electrical component to regulate the battery’s current, voltage and temperature. The BMS can adjust rechargeable batteries. The BMS also calculates the battery’s information to determine if it needs care or does not need it.

Why Is a Battery Management System Necessary?

The Ford vehicle battery systems must be able to adapt and regulate the condition. The battery management system allows the battery’s data to operate more effectively and efficiently without any difficulty.

Additionally, it is built to handle voltage as well as the current and other battery information by keeping track of it. The BMS will also safeguard the data it collects from dangers to safety and improves battery performance.

How To Reset Ford Battery Management System?

All the latest Ford truck models from 2011 to 2021 feature BMS technology that requires the proper reset. The steps to reset aren’t complicated, but it is essential to learn about the two techniques. These are: 

  1. Reset Using FORScan.
  2. Reprogram Without A Scanner Tool.

The BMS on a Ford truck can be reset using or without a scanner program that can assist in manual reprogramming. For those who are not aware, the FORscan scanner can detect the BMS module with the external OBD II adapter. 

Also, you can choose an alternative method that doesn’t require a scanner or adapter to set the BMS effortlessly.

Method 1: Reset Using FORScan 

You will need an OBD and adapter for this procedure. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect the positive cable of your vehicle to the positive battery post. Also, connect the negative cable to the ground. 

Step 2: Once the battery is fully charged, begin the process of resetting using FORscan. Join an OBD II adapter to the laptop and computer.

Step 3: Install FORscan if you don’t have it on your computer. After that, insert your key into the ignition and be sure not to start it.

Step 4: Connect the FORscan to the vehicle. Then, a tab will appear on the computer screen when you scan. Then, click on the wrench icon.

Step 5: Find the BMS Configuration and turn it off. Then, you need to alter the code by consulting the manual for your vehicle’s owner. Once you have changed the code, you can click the Play button close to The Stop Bar.

Step 6: Next, follow the instructions displayed on your computer screen. After that, press the Stop bar to finish the reset procedure.

Step 7: Then disconnect the FORscan connector from your vehicle and disconnect from the OBD II adapter.


Method 2: Ford Battery Management System Reset Without A Scanner Tool

If the previous method isn’t working for you, then this method can reset your Ford Battery Management System without using a scanner tool. This method is highly effective for Ford models that do not have the front fog light switch. Follow these steps:

Step-1: Go inside the Ford truck and shut the doors prior to starting anything.

Step-2: After that, put the key in the ignition, allowing you to restart the BMS quickly. Do not start the engine.

Step3: -Give it a few minutes. Make sure that your battery’s light flashes at least 5 times before proceeding to the next steps.

Step-4: After that, press the brake pedal, then quickly let it go. Then repeat the same procedure up to two times.

Step-5: Take note of the battery symbol on your dashboard and see if it blinks or not after 5-15 secs.

Step-6: If the light on the battery flashes three times in 10-15 seconds, that means it is because the system for managing batteries is correctly reset.

Step-7: If not, you must switch off your car and stop it from starting for up to 30 mins.

Step-8: Then, you need to follow the same steps from the beginning.

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