How To Slash/Puncture Tires Quickly [+Video]

Published: 03/01/22 •  5 min read

There aren’t many situations where you would want to slash a tire.

If you want to slash someone else’s tires just because you hold a grudge, right off the bat let us warn you that slashing someone else’s tires is a criminal offense that can lead to jail.

Slashing is a valid option when you feel like someone is chasing you, and you have the opportunity of slashing their tires for your safety.

So, to avoid any legal action, we highly recommend that you only try this on an old tire or for self-defense purposes.

What is slashing?

As the name implies, slashing a tire means making a deep cut with a sharp tool (typically a knife or a nail) to deflate the tire.

Slashing can be quite loud if the tire is not depressurized.

Tire After being slashed using a knife or sharp tool
Image of a Slashed Tire

The slash will make the tire flat in a matter of seconds or hours depending on the type of tool used to slash the tire.

 If you intend to slash a regular tire, never slash with your face facing the tire. 

The air rushes out with high pressure that can damage your face and eyes, so keep this precaution in mind.

How To Slash Tires?

Sharp Knife

In order to slash a tire quickly, you need to use a sharp knife instead of a usual household one.

A knife can very easily poke the rubber surface if applied with adequate force.

A true knife slash will render the tire flat in a matter of seconds.

You will hear a loud “psshhh” sound if you slash a regular pressurized tire.

The sound is caused by the air rushing out from the slash at high pressure, deflating the tire.


A nail can also be used to poke a tire’s surface and deflate it.

Though it won’t get the job done in a matter of seconds, and technically it doesn’t count under the category of ‘slashing’, it is intended to be m

ore of a ‘slow-poison’ to get the same result as you would slashing a tire with a knife.

Gradually, the air expels out from the tire that renders the tires flat in a couple of hours.

Other tools

Any sharp tool can be used to slash a tire. Few common ones are:

How Much Force Does It Take To Slash A Tire?

It depends on what type of tool you are using to slash the tire. Even if you are using a relatively sharp knife or awl, you need a good amount of force to cut through the thick layers of rubber on the tire. However, if you really want to slash someone’s tire with minimal effort, you can achieve it by poking a nail inside the tire, that will get the job done, slowly but surely.

How To Repair A Slashed Tire?

Well, what to do if someone else has slashed your tire?

don’t worry…

  1. Remove the tire from the vehicle and dismount it.
  2. Find the slash on the tire and mark it for reference later. Clean the slash area in case any debris or sharp particles are still left around the slash region.
  3. Spray a cleaning chemical spray over the slashed area (generally, a starting fluid is used for this purpose). Spread the cleaning spray with a brush.
  4. Buff the slashed area using a tire buffer tool which will get rid of all of the lines on the tire’s surface essentially creating a flat region around the slash.
  5. Take the rubber cement / vulcanized fluid and apply it on the slashed region. Brush the cement around the affected region and let it dry.
  6. Apply the tire patch once the vulcanized fluid/ rubber cement has dried out. Firmly roll the patch over the affected area using a roller tool.
  7. Reassemble the tire and install it back into the vehicle. Take it out for a test run to check if they run properly.

Also Check:

Deflate without slashing

Air Valve on Tire
Air Valve on Tire

A tire can be easily deflated without slashing it.

Car tires have valves located in them that control the air flow in and out of the tire.

Use a car valve tool or long needle nose pliers to twist and open the valve stem.

Once the stem is removed, you will hear and feel the air rushing out from the tire.

Wait a few minutes and the tire will deflate completely or if you want to expel a bit of air, twist the valve stem back in after the desired amount of air has been expelled.


Slashing a tire is not all that difficult. You just need a sharp object with which to poke the tire’s surface. The tire will easily deflate and become flat either in a matter of seconds or a few hours depending upon the type of tool used to slash the tire.

All this said we would like to reiterate and again emphasize that you only try this on some old tire that is not in use or use it as a self-defense measure.

Slashing someone else’s tire deliberately is a criminal offense that will make you liable to legal action!