How Much Does a Muffler Delete Cost? | How Much Is A Muffler Delete?

Published: 09/14/22 •  6 min read

How Much Does a Muffler Delete Cost?

A deleted muffler pipe will cost between $50 and $250 with a minimum of $100-$200, dependent on the experience. It is worth noting that the cost of a muffler deletion is dependent on the manufacturer or mechanic and area of operation. 

Many car owners want to eliminate the muffler in their cars, especially circuit automobiles holders. The muffler delete removes the muffler out of the exhaust system.

This device is responsible for the saturation of the sound generated by the vehicle because of the vibrations it produces as well as the heat produced by the internal combustion engine.

A muffler delete is designed to be used for off-road activities, but it is banned on the majority of public roads. Review your state’s laws to determine whether the muffler deletion method is legal.

What Is a Muffler Delete?

Muffler delete is among the most well-known methods of increasing the sound quality of your car’s exhaust system. It also helps reduce the engine’s annoying noise when you drive. Moreover, it also improves the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, which is why many prefer using it in their vehicles.

Be aware that mufflers that are deleted straight-pipe exhaust systems are not the same things. Also, the cost of removing them could be different due to the removal method used. This is because the muffler delete removes the muffler.

How Much Does a Muffler Delete Cost?

muffler delete cost

A muffler delete cost can be anywhere from $50 to $250. However, depending on the need, it could be reduced to a range of $100 to $200.

It is important to note that muffler deletes are made to be used in off-road stunts. However, they are prohibited from driving on certain public roads. This is the reason you must regularly review your state’s lawful laws to determine if removing the muffler is legally permissible or not.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Muffler Delete

These are why you could pay higher or lower for the muffler deletion. Keep the following factors in mind and conduct further research to understand the reasons behind the cost of muffler delete.

Muffler Type

Types of Muffler Delete

It is said that aftermarket mufflers are of one size that works with any type of muffler. The best thing about the mufflers is that they are compatible with a variety of automobiles and will not exceed $50. Additionally, it’s important to note that if you have an average-sized car, you could be charged around $50-$100, and that’s just for a muffler.

If you are a person with a car that isn’t as powerful and is looking to buy an expensive top, quality muffler, you should be prepared to invest between $300 and $500.

Cost Of Labor

labor cost of Muffler Delete

The amount the expert or dealer demands usually depends on the type of work required for your car. This is because your car’s muffler, or any other component, could be damaged and need additional repairs and maintenance costs based on the problem.

In addition, completing the work at a repair shop can cost about $100, while having it done by a professional could cost less than $50.

The Vehicle Model

You must be aware that the type of muffler ordered prior to the removal of the muffler will mainly be based on the model of the vehicle. This is because certain mufflers are

made to fit specific vehicle models as well as the year that the vehicle was built.

It is also due to the cost of replacing certain parts could be greater or lower than the other. Additionally, certain muffler delete pipes aren’t compatible with specific vehicles. This is the reason why you should determine the dimensions of the pipe to match your car, as you could pay a significant amount of dollars.

Who You Are Buying From

It is dependent on the vendor that you purchase from. For instance, buying a muffler directly from the manufacturer could cost you more since the manufacturer will provide the item’s warranty.

But, purchasing an aftermarket muffler will cost less since they don’t come with an assurance. While this can save you dollars, it’s crucial to buy an item with a warranty to ensure the product will serve for a specific time.

How To Do A Muffler Delete?

Experts can disassemble your car’s exhaust system. However, you can also decide to take it on yourself to save costs. In contrast to repairs made at an auto shop which can cost as high as $100, this repair can be accomplished for as low as $50.

Step 1: Check Your State Laws

Based on the State laws, these modifications could be completely banned. Before beginning this process, consult with the local government to determine if laws are in place.

Step 2: Jack Up the Vehicle

Lift the car using the jack until there is enough space beneath to allow you to perform your work comfortably. Put the jack stand in the vehicle’s underside when you have reached the appropriate level. If you require assistance finding them, refer to the owner’s manual of the specific car you own.

Step 3: Disconnect the Clamps

The muffler is situated at the end of the exhaust pipes. It is attached to the exhaust pipe with U-shaped clamps. These nuts can rust easily and are difficult to take off.

To make the task more straightforward, coat the nuts in an anti-rust chemical (such as WD-40) prior to beginning. Then loosen and tighten the retaining nuts using the appropriate pipe wrench. In certain situations, you may need to weld the exhaust pipes. 

Step 4: Add The Tailpipe

If the exhaust pipe does not include an exhaust pipe, there is no need for one. It is, however, recommended for an exhaust liner to be fitted to increase the exhaust system’s performance.

A straight pipe of 3 inches that connects the exhaust pipe and leaves the vehicle via the exhaust port on the rear of the vehicle suffices. For connecting the brand new exhaust pipe with the exhaust pipe that was previously used, an adapter for 90 degrees to the exhaust is required.

Join the pipes to re-energize the exhaust muffler. The more reliable option is to join both pipes onto the exhaust pipe.

The majority of muffler removal tubes are stainless steel, but some are made of aluminum. Steel is best suitable because of its corrosion resistance. These pipes are priced at around $50.


If you consider a muffler deletion, you will be surprised by the cost. The components themselves typically cost between $50-$250. If you are looking for a specialist to finish the job, it is between $100-$200. But, you may find it challenging to locate an auto mechanic who is ready to do the work since muffler deletions are not permitted on vehicles driving through public streets.