How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150?

Published: 09/14/22 •  8 min read

If you notice the battery light on your Ford F150 battery has specific issues, it is crucial to determine the root cause, then fix or replace it (or reset the battery light on the Ford f150) according to the extent of the damage. Sometimes, the problem is not directly related to the battery.

First, you need to open the hood of your car and try to start it. If the effort fails to initiate the battery, there is a possibility of a dead battery because of the lack of the alternator’s charge. You can purchase the Ford F150 battery by spending just a few hundred dollars and getting it replaced at a trusted repair shop.

How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150? Short Answer

Troubles with battery lights can be due to wiring issues, alternator and voltage regulator damage, damaged plates, assessor belts and cells, electric charging system, malfunctioned wiring, or improperly cleaned terminals. You can reset the battery light by various methods by fixing the defective alternator.

Why is The Battery Light On?

reset battery light on ford f150

All Ford models typically have a 12V battery that powers the headlights as well as the radios, ignition system, computer, and engine. If you don’t have a battery inside your Ford, you will never be able to start your car engine.

A voltage regulator is included in your car to charge the battery. If the battery is not regularly recharged, your car will die. When it is dead, or your battery generates less power than the demand, the battery lights will appear on the dashboard’s icon.

The batteries trigger the light to turn on when the vehicle is out of power, or the battery is dead. The best method to reset both the battery life and battery light of a Ford F150 is scheduling a battery service. If the car’s alternator stops charging the battery, the light for your battery appears on.

Let’s move on to the Resetting Battery Light on Ford F150.

How to Reset Battery Light on Ford F150? 

When the battery light on the car dashboard is on, there is some issue with the battery. It is crucial to determine the solution for the battery. 

Switch Off The Power

To reset the battery light, it is necessary to switch off all systems. The light is flashing because your vehicle still has energy left over for a brief period. You must shut off your vehicle’s accessory systems like headlights, AC, sound system heating system, as well as other equipment. 

Check The Battery

If you suspect that the car battery is damaged, remove the hood and look at the battery’s connections. Try to identify the cause of the damage. On the battery’s terminals, there is a green or white-colored substance that could indicate problems with the electrical battery conductions. Make sure you use protective gloves to open the terminal.

Clean The Battery Terminals

Like other equipment, battery terminals also corrode over an amount of time. You will need to clean the battery terminal for cost-effective maintenance whenever the battery lights are on. Complete the cleaning process by using a household cleaner and grease. Immerse a toothbrush in the cleaner and clean the rusted portion of the battery.

Secure The Clamps

While cleaning the battery terminals, ensure to clean the clamps as well. Make sure they are in the loosen part by using pliers, wrench, and screw. It would be better to go through the OEM instructions of Ford.

Reset Battery Cables

Make sure to restart the battery cables prior to setting the light on your battery. For this, first, connect the red wire cable that is near your starter motor’s relay. You can see a red output cable connected to the alternator and the relay’s fused connection. If the connection appears to be damaged, try to resolve it by getting assistance from a professional. 

Charge The Battery

Recharge your Ford’s battery. Ensure the voltage regulator, as well as alternator, are in the scheduled category. If the voltage drops and the light on the battery are

“ON,” it is crucial to take proper maintenance and care immediately.

Replace The Alternator Belt

The alternator needs to be working correctly to turn on the headlights, music, electrical options, radio conferences, as well as the charging system. Sometimes, the alternator fails and runs low, so the battery gets drained quickly. So talk to an expert mechanic to fix the alternator system. You might need to replace the alternator belt, which can cost anywhere between $100 to $150.

Reset The Battery Light

Now, it’s time to turn off the dashboard battery light. For this, you will need to access the computer system first. You need to know Fuel testing procedure (FTP). It concerns the gas mileage as well as the charging system used to boost the alternator. Follow these steps to restore your battery light:

Reset The Battery

In the end, it’s time to reset the battery. It is done by checking the battery BCM, BMS system.

Why does my Ford F-150 battery light come on and off?

If your Ford F150’s light turns on and off, there are some issues. If the light turns on, your charging system is in trouble. The charging system is straightforward. Sometimes, however, it could be due to a bad alternator or battery.

As we know, a vehicle’s battery requires voltage to turn it on. If your car’s battery voltage is too low, the light on the battery can indicate it. The battery lights will turn on when the car is started. This could mean that your battery may be damaged. It isn’t the only reason your light is on. It is just one cause. 

Reason for Ford F-150 battery light turns on or off

Let’s now try to identify various factors that keep the Ford F-150 battery light bulb on and off.


For any vehicle to start, the battery is essential. The alternator is used to start the car. A bad battery can be detected when the car is started. You may have to replace the battery. 


An alternator that is not working properly can be detected when the engine has started. If the engine is running and the battery light turns on, the alternator has less power to generate wattage for other electrical systems. A new alternator can solve this problem.

Alternator Belt

A serpentine belt is used in almost all modern cars to turn the alternator. It can turn the alternator faster than any engine accessory. Your Ford F-150 pickup will not be able to receive an adequate charge if the serpentine belt becomes damaged. The belt cannot turn the alternator properly if the belt is damaged.

Battery Post Corrosion

The voltage from the alternator is what provides the vehicle with energy. The vehicle must then pass the voltage from the alternator to the battery. These voltages travel through the wire that is connected to the post. The battery post will not be able to transfer these voltages from its alternator to the battery if it is corroded. If this happens, the battery lamp will light up and indicate that there is a problem. It is easy to fix. You will need a wire brush or battery post cleaner to clean it.

FAQs About Resetting Battery Light on Ford F150

What does it mean if the battery light is blinking on my F150?

If the battery light flashes, it is likely that the problem is with the alternator. You should tighten the battery terminals and use a multimeter to check the voltage.

Will it be safe to drive my F150 with the battery light on?

If the dashboard battery light is on, it means there is a problem with your vehicle’s alternator or battery. It is best not to drive when the battery lights are on. The vehicle may stop suddenly on the road, as the battery will die and the vehicle won’t start again.

Can a faulty alternator damage a newly installed battery?

We recommend not to use a newly installed battery with a faulty alternator. It can cause irreparable damage to the new battery.


We hope you know how to reset the battery light on Ford F150. We’d love to hear your feedback. We appreciate your time with us!