Best Sounding Exhaust System for F150

Published: 09/14/22 •  6 min read

If you have got an F-150 truck, you have probably noticed that the factory exhaust does not provide the most pleasing sound. You might want to modify your truck to make it yours. Of course, you could remain with your original exhaust, but why choose to settle for lesser when you can have better? Why not opt for the best sounding exhaust for F150?

To make it a bit more efficient, sound better, and make it just the right amount of unique. One of the best ways to transform your Ford F-150 into your F-150 is to upgrade to a better exhaust. The exhaust will release additional sound, ranging from quiet to loud, or add more appeal. 

Benefits of Sounding Exhaust System

Apart from improving sound quality, sound exhaust systems also offer a range of additional features. These are multi-tasking equipment that can be beneficial to you in various ways. Here are a few benefits of sounding exhaust system you need to know about.

Enhances Horsepower

The sound exhaust system also increases engine horsepower and torque, thus ensuring efficient fuel consumption.

Controls Noise

Who would surely not want to have a truck that makes an odd and loud sound while driving or even while it’s starting? That is why the sounding exhaust system is essential for a fantastic experience!

Enhances the Lifespan

The most significant benefit of an exhaust system is its durability. By investing in a high-end F150 pickup, it’s reasonable to expect it to function well for a lengthy duration. Although your factory-fitted exhaust system may not provide this, the new sounding exhausts will! 

Exhaust systems for the aftermarket are quite different. So we recommend spending a bit of time contemplating what you would like from your exhaust system, other than an improved sound. Many exhaust systems available on Amazon produce different exhaust sounds and can even enhance how your truck performs.

In this article, we have listed the best features of the best sounding exhaust for F150.

Best Sounding Exhaust System for F150

As with many performance parts available for aftermarket purchase, Ford F-150 exhaust is as simple as changing the windshield wipers. The exhaust systems come in many dimensions and shapes and different designs. However, selecting the most appropriate exhaust depends on personal taste and exhaust design. It is crucial to ensure that exhaust is of high quality and works well so that it can last for decades without the need to worry about cracks or rust.

Here are our top picks for the most effective Ford F-150 Sound exhaust systems to aid you in narrowing down your options. Let’s take a look.

Flowmaster Inc. 817707 Outlaw Extreme Kit 

Flowmaster Inc. is the most renowned manufacturer of exhaust kits for cars, trucks, and SUVs. The 817707 exhaust kit provides an aggressive sound along with a practical solution to exhaust gasses! It is among the most efficient exhaust kits available for the F150 and SuperCab at this price. However, you may need to add it with the Flowmaster Performance Air Intake Kit for the performance.

A loud, raucous sound coming from the engine when it is at full throttle or a cold start is certain to attract attention giving you that feeling of driving a sports car. If this is something you enjoy and are looking to cruise at speeds up to 80 mph, it is the best choice. Its rich sound makes your car sound like an actual truck.

  • Unique outlaw muffler technology.nComes with mandrel-bent tubing for better airflow.nEasy installation.nProvides an incredible sound.
  • The tips aren’t visible from the back.

Roush 421711 F150 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Roush 421711 F150 Cat-Back Exhaust System is one of the most efficient exhaust systems. Every time you rev up or turn the engine on your Ford truck, it will announce to the world that you are headed your way. It’s worth showing off!

This Sounding exhaust system for f150 comes with an outlet-inlet pipe, y-pipes, as well as a muffler. All parts are constructed from top-quality 409 stainless steel to increase durability and resistance to corrosion. It also uses 304 stainless steel on the tips to make them rust-resistant. This exhaust system works perfectly with any bed or cab configuration of the 2011-2014 Ford F150 trucks. 

  • Mandrel-bent piping for better airflow.nPremium stainless steel components to ensure durability.nIt blocks the factory resonator to create an aggressive, deep sound.n
  • It requires some modification to work with 6.2l platinum and Harley Davidson edition Ford F150 trucks.

MBRP S5260BLK 3-Inch Cat-Back Exhaust System

This fantastic exhaust system by MBRP offers maximum exhaust flow. The brand has done a great job by introducing this powerful exhaust kit. It has been scrutinized and improv

ed by numerous tests conducted on their in-house Mustang Dynamometer. The muffler’s design is unique to each vehicle which means that getting the perfect fit is feasible. It is coated with a unique formulation that can withstand extreme heat and rough conditions.

In addition, this exhaust kit also boasts its 3-inch mandrel-bent tubing to achieve bend angles. It assists in the quick emission of exhaust gases, thus reducing the pressure on the engine. The exhaust kit comes with the necessary installation parts to change your existing exhaust systems. Since no welding is required, this is a comparatively quick two-hour project.

  • It offers a protective finish to resist the effects of heat and abrasion.nOffers greater resistance to rust.nReady to install kit.nEasy bolt-on setup.
  • Cold noise.

MBRP S5259AL 4 Inch Cat-Back Exhaust System

MBRP S5259AL is the most prestigious exhaust system that provides the most anticipated rumble for your vehicle!

This exhaust system will help make your F150 sound better and make it look much more stylish. The aluminized steel design and well-sealed seams prevent the internal components from rusting and prolonging their life.

This affordable exhaust system does not compromise the quality of the performance. This 16 gauge aluminized stainless steel material, as well as the hangers that are welded on, will make a huge difference and offer unending support for your engine. The S5259AL plays a vital role in keeping your vehicle well-maintained as well as enhancing its performance.

  • Comes with mandrel-bent tubing for better airflow.nIt reduces the temperature and keeps the engine in good health.nComes with 4-inch tips that emit more exhaust fumes.nReady to install kit.
  • A droning sound can be heard.

Flowmaster Inc. 817522 Cat-Back Exhaust System  

Flowmaster exhaust kits are the best choice for a new exhale system to fit your F150 truck. This efficient exhaust system reduces the temperatures of exhaust. Thus, your car will require less fuel to run and perform much better over the long run. This exhaust is constructed of a mandrel-bent 16-gauge stainless steel tube. Its durable components are more robust than the F150 standard exhaust.

The ready-to-use and simple-to-follow directions will assist you in setting up the exhaust kit all by yourself. It comes with all the required hardware and hangers to ensure easy installation. The tone of the exhaust is not so loud. Instead, it is restricted to a moderate but rich range that appeals to all ages.

  • Medium-sized exhaust sound.nIt comes with ready-to-use and simple-to-follow directions.n2.5-inch tips create an elegant design.
  • Average quality bolts.


The best sounding exhaust for the F150 is a constant debate due to the fact that the right choice is contingent on your personal preferences. It could be that you like a loud and booming sound from your exhausts, or you may prefer a sound that won’t cause any disturbance to the neighborhood.

The bottom line is that it’s all about you and the choices you make. We hope that this list was helpful to you!