What do Exhaust Tips do? | Are They Just for Looks?

Published: 09/14/22 •  4 min read

People often overlook the car’s components that aren’t easily accessible. Installing exhaust tips is often thought of as an exclusive aftermarket modification. But is it really worth it?

The exhaust in your vehicle plays an essential aspect in your car’s performance, appearance, and sound. If you want to improve or complete your car’s appearance, WHEELSCRIBE recommends including exhaust tips in the tailpipe. However, prior to doing this, it is essential to look at the factors that are worth the effort, especially when it will make your car sound better.

What Is an Exhaust Tip?

The visible portion of your exhaust’s tailpipe can be described as the tip of your exhaust, sometimes referred to as a “muffler tip.” Sometimes it could comprise one or two pipes depending on whether the vehicle is equipped with a single or dual exhaust system. The entire engine exhaust, the tailpipe, forms the final stage of a combustion process that eliminates gases and then funnels them under the car in order to be released. A tailpipe that comes in various styles and sizes could influence the sound of a vehicle based on the type and size.

Are Exhaust Tips Just for Looks?

The exhaust system in your car is comprised of pipes that direct the exhaust gases of a reaction out of the vehicle and then out into the air, allowing for the engine’s continual operation. An exhaust tip is a portion in your system’s exhaust that can be seen from the car’s exterior – it is not doing anything to change how your system performs; it’s just a cosmetic enhancement.

It is, however, a prevalent choice. There are many kinds of exhaust tips, ranging from square and round to rolled edges and models, and all are available in different styles and are simple to put in. Many aftermarket exhaust tips are connected to the original exhaust system by screwing them in, and some can be fitted into the system.

What do Exhaust Tips do?

function of exhaust tips

As discussed, an aftermarket exhaust tip will not change how you drive your vehicle. However, it can alter a few things. The most notable is the sound of your car.

Installing a new set of exhaust tips can make your vehicle emit a more powerful sound. That deep sound that engines make is a favorite of petrolheads, and installing some exhaust tips can allow you to recreate the sound.

When a new exhaust system may produce the same effect, just installing exhaust tips will let you do it at less cost.

The new exhaust tips can enhance your car’s appearance as well. Because your vehicle’s original exhaust pipe serves the purpose of removing polluted air, it is not likely that it is attractive.

Branded and aftermarket exhaust tips are usually designed to allow your exhaust system to accomplish the same goal and look great. From matte and chrome finishes to turndown and dual-forked tips, it is possible to style the rear end of your car in many different ways, which pedestrians can view and hear.

Do Exhaust Tips Make Your Car Louder?

The main reason why drivers put in a set of exhaust tips is to enjoy the more attractive appearance they offer, not to make their car louder.

In some instances, the exhaust tips may alter the sound of your car’s exhaust note which is the sound made by the exhaust gases of your engine when they traverse various parts that make up the exhaust system.

The effect depends on certain variables like length; the size of an exhaust tip could make your noise of exhaust sound distinct from the one prior. The sound of your car won’t get louder, but it might be more distinct than before you installed the accessory.

Exhaust tips, as they are located right near the end of an exhaust system, can cause a car to be more powerful. A standard exhaust tip has a minor influence on the exhaust sound. A bigger exhaust tip will give the engine a richer sound, while smaller tips will create an edgy sound. This is why looking at various ways to exhaust your car will yield. You can determine the type of sound and style you seek.

Remember that exhaust tips aren’t the most efficient parts that could alter the sound of the exhaust. If you want your car’s exhaust to be more powerful, you shou

ld consider buying new mufflers. It’s because exhaust components such as mufflers, resonators, and pipes play more prominent roles in establishing the sound of the exhaust.