What Does the Wrench Light Mean on a Ford?

Published: 09/14/22 •  7 min read

The modern automobile sector is highly advanced. The use of advanced technology alerts us of potential issues in our vehicles.

The more advanced cars have more sophisticated systems that are highly susceptible to failure.

They warn you from time to time by an indicator light so that you can avoid a breakdown or system failure. 

What Does the Wrench Light Mean on a Ford?

A wrench light may appear in your Ford F150 dashboard due to various issues like problems with the throttle, transmission problems or problems with the carburetor and electrical issues, battery problems, or the need for an oil change.

The majority of the time, the light does not lead to an expensive repair or significant issue. The issue could be just as simple as the seal leak on your windshield.

This doesn’t mean that you need to invest substantial money and time trying to figure out an answer. 

Don’t know what does wrench light mean on a ford? You have landed on the right page. This article discusses the yellow warning light for wrenches, how to determine what’s wrong in your vehicle, and how you can solve wrench symbol on dashboard ford.

What does the Yellow Wrench Light Mean?

What does the Yellow Wrench Light Mean?
Wrench Light on Ford 2017

The yellow light for the wrench on dashboard is very similar to the check engine light. The wrench symbol on dashboard is a component of the Ford manufacturer’s own warning system.

When the light turns on, it could go immediately into limp mode, which reduces the performance of the transmission and engine to lessen the stress placed on the malfunctioning components. 

The wrench light comes on because of the system’s low voltage, low boost, irregular temperature variations between the cylinder head and the blockhead, or the malfunction of an oil cooler.

The majority of the time, it is related to some maintenance issues of your vehicle. In other instances, it may indicate the presence of an engine or an all-wheel-drive issue.

The Ford wrench light will create fault codes within the computer memory that either you or a technician could locate to help further determine the problem.

Difference Between Check Engine Light and Wrench Light

Both of these indicators lights have a lot of common things. They can both illuminate at the same time. The difference is that the wrench light is a component of Ford manufacturer’s own warning system.

The engine light for checking the engine is a component of the /programs/obd" data-lasso-id="457" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) program, standardized for all cars. The ford wrench light is a sign of the related issues limited to transmission control and throttle.

What Does Wrench Light Indicate in Ford Vehicles?

Wrench light basically means powertrain malfunction indicator light.

A wrench light may appear in your Ford dashboard due to a variety of issues such as:

Transmission Issues

Another reason that could cause the wrench symbol to show up on your Ford dashboard is the transmission issues. Sometimes the wrench light could come off from nowhere, and your vehicle may be operating perfectly.

In some instances, minor issues here and there could have been slowly creeping up on you with time, and the wrench light on the dashboard of your Ford may be on.

Whatever is the reason, it’s the right time to take your Ford to a repair shop to be examined. A professional mechanic can identify the problem with the transmission and fix the issue. Unfortunately, you might not have access to the use of your Ford for a couple of days while it’s repaired.

Carburetor Issue

The most frequent issue when your wrench light turns up is your carburetor. The carburetor can cause your car to begin getting hot or jolting most of the time. If this occurs, the wrench light on dashboard will flash, and it’s time to take your car for service.

The carburetor may require just a little cleaning or rebuilding. You might need to purchase a new one and get it replaced. It depends on the extent of damage caused to the carburetor. Depending on how it is addressed, it is possible to get your vehicle back on the next day or might be waiting in the repair shop for over a few days.

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Throttle Issues

The cause of the wrench light on the Ford dashboard may be due to a throttle issue. The light usually starts flashing when you start your vehicle or when the car has stopped and doesn’t start again.

We recommend taking your Ford to the garage of a mechanic. Please note that it is dangerous to drive while this light is on for a long time. Get your vehicle repaired the same day.

Battery Issue

The battery in your Ford could contribute to the wrench light. It could be because of the low battery level or a drained-out battery. In such an event, you must get your car at once with a highly skilled mechanic.

They usually get it corrected or changed in less than an hour. You will have your vehicle repaired and ready to drive out of the garage on the same day!

Oil Change

Another reason for the wrench light could be the need for an oil change. The light might indicate that you are overdue to change your oil. Oil is recommended to be changed every three months but at a maximum of six months.

Once your Ford receives an oil change, the wrench light will go off within a short time. The oil change can last between half an hour to 45 minutes. You will be able to leave with your Ford operating like new!

Wiring Issue

It could not be anything more than loose wire. Some wires may have slipped off or need to be fixed. In most instances, it is a cable to the computer in your vehicle. Depending on the wire, it typically takes less than one or two hours. You will be back on the road within a matter of minutes!


Can you drive with the wrench light on Ford?

I will not suggest you to drive your car for a long time while wrench light is on. If you are unable to solve issue yourself, you should visit a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

How do I reset my Ford wrench light?

You can try to reset wrench light on dashboard. However, it is not guaranteed that your wrench light be reset. Here is what you can do:

What Causes the Powertrain Light to Come On?

Low Fuel levels, overheating and lack of oil can cause the powertrain light to come on.

Conclusion – Wrench Symbol on Dashboard Ford

Many reasons can cause the orange Ford wrench light issue. If it is on, you could notice a drastic decrease in your vehicle’s performance.

Understanding the reason for the same should be the primary concern. The ideal scenario is loose wires, or the oil needs to be changed. The worst-case scenario is that your transmission or a significant component may require repair.

If you notice that the wrench light flashes in the dashboard of your Ford, get it towed or taken to a mechanic right away. A professional will be able to resolve the issue and have you back on the road within minutes.