Why are Land Cruisers so expensive? [9 Reasons]

Published: 09/14/22 •  7 min read

Why are Land Cruisers so expensive? Short Answer

Toyota Land Cruisers are extremely expensive since they can last for a lifetime, are made like tanks, have the highest resale price, are designed to tackle any terrain, and are luxurious in terms of comfort.

Toyota Land Cruiser is a luxury car. Many features of the Land Cruiser’s benefits are the main reason it’s costly. It’s a highly sturdy vehicle that can keep going. In addition, it is highly reliable. This is a good thing, but it comes at a more expensive cost.

Reasons Why Are Land Cruisers So Expensive?

Let’s take a closer look at the various reasons why the Land Cruisers are so costly.

#1 Reliable


Toyota cars are highly reliable. Like most Toyota vehicles in the market, the Land Cruiser lasts for a lifetime. It is incredibly trustworthy in delivering exactly what is expected of the customers. It usually lasts between 200k-300k miles or more. This trustworthiness is a natural cause for an increase in the popularity and price of Land Cruiser.

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#2 Off-Road Capability

vehicle on off-road

Land Cruiser is considered among the top and most reliable off-road vehicles ever built. It can comfortably tackle all kinds of terrain. Toyota frequently test runs their Land Cruiser in the Australian Outback. It is thought to be among the most challenging roads for vehicles on the planet. This is evident that Land Cruiser is Australia’s number one selling 4×4 vehicle. It is a top choice among those serious about off-road adventures and has some extra cash to spend.

Land Cruiser is superior to any American-made SUV or Range Rover within the large SUV category. The well-known G-Class is on par with Land Cruiser, but you need to keep in mind that it is a small 5-seater SUV.

#3 Indestructible

The most popular term that describes Land Cruiser is “indestructible.” They are well-known for being repeatedly put through the wringer without showing genuine indication of stress or struggle. This uncompromising durability has a price.

#4 Luxurious

There is no doubt about the fact that people are always looking for comfort when they travel. Toyota is the most popular manufacturer of the options and amenities that are dependable on by any rider. Land cruiser is a luxury vehicle, and its price reflects the fact. It offers features that will excite beginners and skilled riders. 

#5 Stylish

Another thing that entices those who look at their vehicle is its style. For the majority of users, fashion and design are just as important as other features of the vehicle. If you are one of them, you will not be disappointed with the stunning design and style that Land Cruiser offers. It is an SUV recognized and respected on roads, regardless of the model year. 

Toyota has been extremely particular when it comes to making cars with specific designs that will draw all kinds of customers. Land cruiser is designed so that they can grab the attention of people. It doesn’t require any explanation why the attractive design demands a premium cost, which is why are land cruisers so expensive.

#6 Comfortable

why are land cruisers so expensive

It has been a typical issue for many vehicles that provide luxury and design that they frequently fail to provide comfort. You can either enjoy luxury or comfort, and users must compromise on one of the most critical aspects. However, if you are contemplating what makes land cruisers so costly, the simple reply, you won’t need to compromise on the quality of any of your wants or desires when you use Toyota Land Cruiser.

It is designed to offer the utmost comfort without sacrificing any amenities. You can select a Land Cruiser if you need an automobile that will take you over distant distances without hassle.

#7 Security Excellence

Safety is among the essential features of Land cruisers. With all the incredible safety features, the Toyota Land Cruiser offers the best security for its passengers. There a

re many aspects to help make the Toyota ride among the safest rides of the options available on the market. Safety is among the main reasons why are land cruisers so expensive.

The most effective security features that the Toyota Land Cruiser offers are:

#8 High-end Features

Toyota Land Cruiser also delights its customers with the number of features offered. If you have not had the privilege of taking an inside seat in the interior of a Land Cruiser, you haven’t had the luxury of. No matter which model you select, you will definitely enjoy features that are five to ten years ahead of the competition. Compared to other large SUVs, specifically those manufactured within the USA, Land Cruiser is considerably more expensive for what it can offer on paper.

You can name the feature and get it in Land Cruiser. Here are some options that make it easier for land cruisers to delight their passengers: 

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#9 Value Retention

There’s not a car that has retained its value like the Toyota Land Cruiser. Even when it starts to get older and the miles add up, they generally keep their prices. This lets drivers get their money out of them and then sell it reasonably.

There is a tremendous demand for second-hand Land Cruisers, and you are left with an SUV that keeps its value much superior to other models. Once a certain level is reached, older Land Cruisers begin to appreciate and may even understand because they become scarcer.

FAQs | Why Land Cruisers are so Expensive?

Why Are Old Toyota Land Cruisers so costly?

Land Cruisers are widely regarded as being able to last for quite a long time. When they do cross the 100,000-mile mark, many people see them as only starting out.
The old Land Cruisers are expensive due to their durability. They are constructed like tanks and are almost indestructible. They are durable and are not costly initially, so even the oldest ones are cost-effective in the future.

Are Land Cruiser’s parts expensive?

Land Cruiser components are more expensive than what you would pay for other vehicles or trucks. This is due to two primary reasons. First, the Land Cruiser is costly initially, and it’s essential to maintain it in top condition to be used off-road. It is vital to ensure that the system is in good shape to function as expected. That means the cost for parts may be increased in line with this.

Is Toyota Land Cruiser expensive to maintain?

Compared to the standard vehicle on the road, it is a bit more expensive. It is costly to maintain. The Toyota Land Cruiser costs an average of $843 each year for maintenance. It is 29 percent more than the average national annual cost of $652 for maintenance for other cars. However, when you compare Land Cruisers to other vehicles in its SUVs class, the annual costs for repairs are not too expensive.


The Toyota Land Cruiser is equipped with all the features one could expect to find in a luxury SUV. The variety of options available inside the vehicle makes it one of the most desirable SUVs for both on-road as well as off-road performance. Therefore, to understand why land cruisers are so costly, you must test drive this incredible classy ride. You will surely be amazed by the entire experience!