Why Do My Headlights Stay on During the Day? [ Here is the fix]

Published: 09/14/22 •  5 min read

I often notice that my auto headlights are on during the day, making me wonder why they are doing this.

There are several reasons your car might have trouble detecting light levels, so its automatic headlights turn on when they should be off.

This article will cover some of those reasons and how you can fix them if they also happen to you.

You may have a glitch on the vehicle, or it could just be that your car is having difficulty detecting whether it’s dark or not.

There are several reasons why automatic headlights may stay on during the day, most of which can be fixed within a few minutes.

Why are the Headlights On during the Daytime?

My Headlights Stay on During the Day

Reason 1# 

Your headlights may still be on because the lamp control module isn’t working correctly. The module can fail to detect when it becomes dark outside and will keep the lights on regardless.

The lamp control module is a small box under your dashboard. It contains several components, one of which is the headlight switch. This part detects when it becomes dark outside and turns on your headlights for you automatically.

If the lamp control module fails to do its job, it may not switch off your headlights after they are no longer needed in daylight conditions—and this can lead to draining your battery.

In addition to its function as a safety feature that ensures appropriate illumination at all times during operation, having functional Daytime Running Lights (DRL) will also help make sure other drivers can see you when they are trying to pass or merge into traffic ahead of time so that they don’t collide into your vehicle while making these maneuvers themselves.

Reason 2#

You may have a bad light switch or an open in the wiring for the lights. This problem is uncommon, but it is possible.

If you think this is causing your headlights to stay on during the day, test the wiring to ensure, there aren’t any problems with it. Try swapping the light switch if you think that might be the problem.

The other possible causes of these symptoms are:

Reason 3#

Your headlights always stay on because of a lousy headlight sensor or a loose connection between the sensor and your vehicle’s computer module.

If your lights stay on even though it doesn’t appear dark outside, check to see if something is wrong with your sensor or headlight switch. The car is having trouble sensing if it’s daytime or nighttime.

Your car’s headlights may be staying on because of a bad headlight sensor or a bad connection between the headlight sensor and computer module.

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A faulty headlight sensor may not be able to detect when it is nighttime, so the headlights will stay on even though it is daylight.

The headlight relay may be broken. Check for any cracks or corrosion on this part and for loose connections with nearby wires that run through it.

You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the headlight relay, which can sometimes fix this problem temporarily if corrosion is causing a poor connection inside it.

If you find corrosion on your vehicle’s wiring harnesses or other components, clean those off using a wire brush before replacing them with new ones (if necessary).

A blown-off fuse might be causing an issue with your headlights staying on during daylight hours.

Try removing one from each side of its fuse box and reinserting them—if that fixes the problem, then you will know what caused it: overuse of electricity by those particular lights! 

In this case, the best action would be to turn off your engine and check all connections between your vehicle’s computer module and its various sensors for any apparent signs of damage (such as cracks or frays).

If you find any damaged connections, then simply replace them with new ones—this should fix your problem!

How to Fix?

First, check for an error code by pressing your “check engine” light. If you get one, contact your local mechanic to have it fixed as soon as possible since this might indicate another issue with your car that needs addressing right away.

Next, ensure the sensors are clean and functioning correctly by wiping them down with a damp cloth and then drying them thoroughly before trying again.

This should fix any problems caused by dirt clogging up the mechanism inside each beam and improve visibility at night due to improved clarity from simply cleaning off the grime from everywhere else too!

Final Words

If you think your car’s headlights are staying on because of a problem with the headlight switch or light sensor, check the wiring and make sure there aren’t any open circuits.

If everything looks good, try swapping out the components to see if that fixes it.