7 Worst Tire Brands in 2022 – Avoid Them At All Costs

Published: 06/08/21 •  9 min read

There are some things in life that you can make a compromise on, however, tires are definitely not one of them.

Tires are crucial in determining the quality of your ride. Be it your car, or the ride itself, tires matter.

Your tires must be able to fully support your vehicle, as well as, have a sound grip on roads.

Investing in your tires is always encouraged, as you will be using them for a while.

Not only that, it’s an investment in your safety, as better quality tires reduce the risks of road accidents.

On the other hand, there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t purchase low-quality tires.

They are not safe, they will wear out soon and they will cost you a lot more money than you think, in the long run.

Hence, it is recommended not to buy tires from cheap tire brands

What are the Worst Tire Brands?

Following are some of the tire brands to avoid purchasing tires from in 2021:

Cheat Quality Tire Brands

1. Westlake Tires

2. Chaoyang Tires

3. AKS Tires

4. Goodride Tires

5. Geostar Tires

6. elluride Tires

7. Compass Tires

Why are Cheap Tires so Bad?

There are a number of reasons why these tires are considered to be ineffective in getting the job done.

We often forget that cheap tires are cheap because they are made of low-quality materials. These materials make tires less durable and dangerous.

You’ll end up replacing them sooner than you think and will thus cost you more money.

Not only that, these tires decrease your gas mileage and can also produce a lot of unnecessary sounds.

Don’t forget that a bad grip on the road will only make things worse.

Cheap tires have a huge impact on the braking distance since they are made from bad quality rubber which increases the chances of accidents.

It’s a naive and impractical approach to go for such tires as they will cost you more money for early replacements or in case of accidents. A mid-range tire works well for everyday use.

Buying good quality tires is not easy and you should always keep a couple of things in mind before making the purchase

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Tire

Compatible size

Size is something you should definitely consider while buying a tire.

You should know the correct size of your wheel in order to find a tire that works well with it.

Typically, the tire size is mentioned at its sidewall and looks like this; P197/70SR16.

The alphabet in the middle of this number also tells us about the speed rate of the tire, which is represented by  ‘S’, implying that it is manufactured for 180km/h.

If you want to learn more, here is an in-depth comparison of different tire sizes.


Brands are something that speak to the people on a larger scale and just like a brand’s name matters, tires brands matter too.

The letters engraved on the tire’s sidewall are more meaningful than you might think. Customers are always encouraged to pay keen attention to this number.

This number provides you with an estimate of whether the tire will work well with your ride or not. If you wanna avoid the hassle of selecting a tire, this number is your best friend.

There are all kinds of manufacturers out there. Some target specific groups, while others make products catering to a wider audience.

Both prioritize quality, however, there are a couple of brands that don’t care about their reputation and all that matters to them is how fast they can pump their products out. Some of these cheap tire brands have been mentioned above!

There are certain manufacturers that have been wanting to attain a good reputation in the industry but have failed to do so due to the low quality of their tires.

However, good manufacturers; Japanese, American, and French manufacturers, have obtained an excellent reputation due to the high standard of their products.

The majority of the cheap tire brands that you find in the market are usually from Chinese manufacturers.

It is partly because China exports almost 65 million tires each year, hence,  increasing the quantity while compromising on the quality. Another reason why these tires are cheap is because of the substandard materials being used, as well as, not being passed through the necessary safety checks. Therefore, make sure to keep an eye out for Chinese tires and avoid buying them.


It’s often hard to differentiate between an original tire and it’s replica.

If you take a look at them, they might seem like an original one from a well-known brand like Michelin or Yokohama.

That display, however, is just for the show and to trick a layman. Replica tires often provide low safety and durability due to their low quality. If you are still willing to buy a replica, there are some reliable Chinese ones available in the market.

It’s easy to find exact replicas of high-quality brands manufactured by well-known brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Pirelli, etc., and those, in turn, will have a considerably lower price.

However, almost all of these tires are made from low-grade materials. It is recommended that if you’re buying a replica, buy from a reliable Chinese brand as they usually provide you with a warranty so you don’t have to worry about spending more money if things go south as the brand will cover the expenses.


If you want the most out of your tires i.e maximum performance, it is encouraged to go for the ones with a unidirectional tread pattern.

This can be found on the sidewall of the tires, or with arrows pointing out in forward direction.

These tires provide maximum grip on the roads and also guarantee the longevity of your wheels. Since these are made from high-quality materials and have thicker and wider tread blocks, they cost a little more.

However, we assure you that investment will be fruitful for many years ahead.


Tires have plenty of functionalities compatible with various types of vehicles and are also designed with different features to combat the intensity of different seasons.

Performance in mild and extreme weathers, durability and grip on the road, and performance on specific types of surfaces are some of the features worth mentioning.

After the safety checks and tests, tires are assigned certain ratings, the most noteworthy being speed and treadwear ratings.

Some additional features include unique designs, which are completely subjective to you.

While making the purchase, check to see if it is compatible with your ride and if it incorporates all the features necessary for the smooth functioning of your ride.

Age of your wheels

The condition of tires can worsen over time, especially in hot weather. Therefore, You should know the manufacturing date of the tires before making the purchase.

The manufacturing date is typically on the sidewall of the tire, starting with a 4 digit number, with a ‘DOT’ after, followed by a letter sequence. For example, 3019 means the 30th week of 2019.

Automobile manufacturers recommend replacing your tires every six years, regardless of their condition.

Given that some tire shops stock old tires, their quality deteriorates over time. Hence, you are advised to check the manufacturing date so you can avoid buying old tires.


Warranty matters and you know it.

Before making the purchase, inspect for the warranty of your tires. Plenty of manufacturers offer a warranty up to 50,000 to 80,000 miles, that however is impractical as your tires may not last that long.

Your wheel’s life is determined by your driving habits. You could be using them for your own business and you might have to move around daily.

Or, you could be traveling on dirty bumpy roads every day. Or, you could just be driving around the city and might get a nail or two stuck in the tire.

In such cases, the warranty will cover the expenses and you will have the right to receive a new set of tires for free, within that time duration.

Your tire retailer will provide you with the details and don’t forget to get all the data written on the receipt, before making the purchase.

Safety and Quality Standards

It’s crucial to always keep in mind the importance of road safety, which is proportional to the safety of your tires.

Regardless of the tires, you buy, your top priority while making the purchase,  should always be safety and quality.

The majority of the well-reputed brands go through all the necessary steps and safety checks before the tires leave the manufacturing units, with the results of the assessments being publicly documented. They do so to ensure the safety and quality of their wheels and also to remove any chances of doubts.

As discussed earlier, the majority of the tire brands care little to none about such accountability. Usually, they produce untested wheels made with low-grade materials, thus, putting the lives of many at risk. On that account, we highly advise you to scrutinize the tires for safety tests and results, as well as, the quality of your wheels.


In short, you should avoid the tire brands that have a low reputation and known to produce cheap quality tires. Some of them have been mentioned in the article.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind the factors mentioned above before buying a new set of tires. I recommend that you always buy tires from a well-reputed brand.

It may be heavy on your pockets the first time, but believe me, you will see it pay off in the long run.

We hope that through this article, you have a precise idea of all the things that you need to avoid and look for in a tire before making the purchase.